status: Recognised & Endorsed

Chair (s): Adrian Burton , Martin Fenner, Paolo Manghi, Rachael Lammey, Lorenzo Feri

Group Email: [group_email]

Secretariat Liaison: enquiries[at]

RDA WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) WG 

Co-chaired by: Adrian Burton, Martin Fenner, Paolo Manghi, Lorenzo Feri

This WG is the follow up from the: RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services WG

The Scholarly Link Exchange Working group aims to enable a comprehensive global view of the links between scholarly literature and data.  The working group will leverage existing work and international initiatives to work towards a global information commons by establishing:

  • Pathfinder services and enabling infrastructure
  • An interoperability framework with guidelines and standards (see also
  • A significant consensus
  • Support for communities of practice and implementation

By the end of this 18 month WG period there will be:

  • A critical mass of Scholix conformant hubs providing the enabling infrastructure for a global view of data-literature links
  • Pathfinder services providing aggregations, query services, and analyses
  • Beneficiaries of these services accessing data-literature link information to add value to scholarly journal sites, data centre portals, research impact services, research discovery services, research management software, etc.
  • Operational workflows to populate the infrastructure with data-literature links
  • Better understanding of current data-literature interlinking landscape viewed from the perspective of e.g. disciplines, publishers, repositories etc.

The working group follows on from the RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services WG,  The original working group established demonstrator services enabling infrastructure.  The follow on working group will support the “hardening” of that infrastructure and services as well as an increase in the number of participating hubs and services. The original working group established an interoperability framework. The follow on group will provide further specification, documentation and profiling of that framework to support adoption by link contributors and consumers.  The original working group established a consensus among large infrastructure providers and early adopters; the follow up group will extend that consensus to the next stage of adopters and to a more diverse set of infrastructure providers.  The original working group harnessed the energy and interest of specialists; the follow up group will provide support for a number of communities and services as they implement and adopt the framework and vision established in the original group.

This WG has been endorsed by the scientific committee of ICSU-WDS and is still under TAB review by RDA. 


How to participate:

  1. First, create an account on the RDA website and subscribe to this working group.
  2. Then join the Working Group Forum:
    • If you have a Google account, please log in and then click "Apply to Join the Group". 
    • If you do not have a Google account, click "New Topic" and you will be invited to create one.
    • Members can start new topics in the forum by using the 'New Topic' button, or by sending an email to

Shared files are stored in the following folder: RDA-WDS Publishing Data Services

  1. This folder can viewed by anyone, but can only be accessed for editing by WG members via their Google account.
  2. Members can view or add comments to existing files in this folder and create new ones.
  3. Members can create new subfolders and organize files by using the 'Open in Drive' button at the top right


Working group is now focused on adoption and implementation, following the final recommendations



RDA Virtual Plenary 17 - Notification of Acceptance

by Secretariat Group Account

Dear Chairs of the RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) WG, Congratulations! Your RDA Virtual Plenary 17 (VP17) session application titled Promoting Data Citation Adoption via Scholix has been approved by the Technical Advisory Board (TAB). Please consider this your official notification of acceptance.
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RDA VP17 Session Proposal Submission

by Jamie Lupo-Petta

  Dear RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) WG members,   Thank you for your session proposal for Virtual Plenary 17 titled ‘Promoting Data Citation Adoption via Scholix’.  A review of all submitted proposals is now underway by the RDA Technical Advisory Board, with notifications of acceptance planned to be sent by 26 February.   Please feel free to contact the RDA Secretariat at with any questions or concerns you have regarding your submission. Thank you.  
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[Scholix] [rda-wg-scholix] Scholix WG: Stakeholder Uptake and Next Steps for Article/Data Linking (Breakout 8)

by Wouter Haak

Dear Scholix and RDA attendees, We are looking forward to seeing you virtually at our Scholix WG meeting at the RDA plenary: Thursday, 12 November 2020 Breakout 8 - 09.00 PM UTC = 10.00pm CET = 09.00pm GMT = 4pm EST Agenda: 1. An overview of Scholix - Wouter Haak 2. An overview of contributor progress * Scholix for publishers - Rachael Lamney, Martyn Rittman (CrossRef), Joris van Rossum (STM) * Scholix for data repositories + Datacite metrics and links - Helena Cousijn (DataCite)
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RDA Virtual Plenary 16 (VP16) - Deadline for poster submissions, registration and programme

by Alexandra Delipalta

Dear RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) WG members,  With RDA VP16 fast approaching, we would like to bring the following news and key dates to your attention: Call for posters closing on 25 October 2020
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[Extended deadline] Call for abstracts: RefResh Workshop @ SocInfo 2020

by Andrea Mannocci

Dear colleagues, Apologies for cross-posting.   ==== Call for Extended Abstracts ==== 2nd Workshop on Reframing Research (RefResh 2020) at the 12th International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo 2020)
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Session Proposal Submission

by Alexandra Delipalta

Dear RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) WG members,   Thank you for your session proposal for Virtual Plenary 16 titled “Scholix Working Group: stakeholder uptake and next steps for article/data linking”.    
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Virtual Plenary 16 Call for Sessions and RDA Adoption Week

by Alexandra Delipalta

Dear RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) WG members, There are two important announcements from RDA being circulated that we wanted to bring to your attention in the case you missed it this week.
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[CfP] 2nd call for papers of 1st​ Workshop on Scientific Knowledge Graphs (SKG2020)

by Andrea Mannocci

--- Apologies for cross-posting --- Dear all, I am posting here below the 2nd CfP of this workshop that could be of your interest. Best, Andrea
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Notification of acceptance RDA Plenary 15 session application

by Marieke Willems

Dear group,   Congratulations! Your joint session application  - RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) WG, Open Science Graphs for FAIR Data IG and Data Description Registry Interoperability (DDRI) WG) - Joining the Dots for Better Research - has been approved and will appear in the RDA Plenary 15 Programme.  Please consider this your official notification of acceptance.  
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RDA Plenary 15 Announcements - Registration and Calls for Co-located Events and Posters Now Open 

by Yolanda Meleco

RDA is excited to announce several important pieces of information related to RDA Plenary 15: Data for Real-World Impact, which will be held from 18-20 March 2020 in Melbourne, Australia at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, MCEC (
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