Recent Activity: Weather, climate and air quality IG

16 May 2019

Plenary 14: Call For Sessions, Collocated Events, Posters And Registration Now Open!

Taking place from 23-25 October 2019, the 14th RDA Plenary will take place in Dipoli, the nature-immersed building of Aalto University, Helsinki, in Finland, “one of the happiest countries in the world”, states Per Öster, CSC-IT Center For Science Director and Co-Chair of the P14 Programme Committee.

18 Sep 2017

“R programming language to manage metadata, data complying with OGC standards and controlled vocabularies: the case of Tuna Fisheries”

Dear IG's / WG's,

We would like to invite you to an RDA related event that we believe to be relevant to your activities; “R programming language to manage metadata and data by complying with OGC (EML, CF conventions) standards and controlled vocabularies: the case of Tuna Fisheries” .

When: Tuesday 19 September 2017, from 11:30 to 13:00 local time

Where: room: Mansfield 10, RDA Plenary Meeting, Montreal, Canada

12 Apr 2017

Weather, climate and air quality IG - Minutes and next steps

Dear all,
Thanks to all of you for participating to the interest group session
during Barcelona RDA P9.
You can find attached the presentations given during the session. They
are also available on the IG RDA web page:
If you want to keep following the discussion, you can join the group
from the RDA website.
As discussed during the session, here are the main outcomes, IG

31 Mar 2017

RDA P9 - Weather climate and air quality IG session

Hi all,
we're pleased to invite you to the session of the Interest Group on weather
climate and air quality to be held the 7th of April from 9:00 to 10:30 (Room
MR6) during the Barcelona RDA P9.
We invite you to read the program:
and the case statement, that you can find with additional information here: