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02 Jul 2020

Notes: [datadiscovery] RDA Data Granularity TF call this Thursday, Agenda

Dear all,
Please find the notes from today’s call on our Overview, Meeting Agenda/Notes page. Highlights below.
Kind regards,
· After initial greetings, video can be turned on whenever speaking, but off otherwise to assist those with bandwidth issues.
· Meeting notes (taken by KM): will be on the thorough side for now (not only decisions/actions but also notes), but can change after we settle on our meeting times.

30 Jun 2020

RDA Data Granularity TF call this Thursday, Agenda

Dear all,
Thanks to Fotis for his work so far, and he has now passed to Reyna & I the role of co-chairing the Task Force, so I’m sending the reminder/agenda for this Thursday. We’re both very much looking forward to working with you on this important effort.
Following please find:
1. Thursday’s agenda (with any preparation noted), also posted to the Google doc agenda page
2. Connection information.
Thanks and speak to you Thursday.
Kind regards,
Katy McNeill
Agenda, 2020-07-02, 19:00 UTC

09 Jun 2020

RDA DDP IG: Invitation to the call - user studies in data discovery, this Thursday 12pm UTC

Dear All,
Following up on our group session

during the RDA Virtual P15, we would like to start a conversation to
identify if there are any common interests in user studies in data
discovery, and if yes, how we can collaborate.
This very first meeting is on this Thursday 11th June, 12pm UTC. Please
click this link

04 May 2020

[DDPIG] RDA Data Granularity Task Force monthly call

Dear all,
I hope this email finds you well, both physically and mentally, given these
stressful times.
This is just a gentle reminder of our planned monthly call for the
data/metadata granularity Task Force this Thursday May 7th at 21:00 UTC - local
time here

Last month, the DDPIG Data Granularity Task Force has a dedicated RDA P15
virtual session (here are the notes

and the slides

07 Apr 2020

Dynamic Data Citation sessions

Hi all,
There was some discussion of the RDA recommendation on citing dynamic data in the data granularity BoF last week. Y’all may therefore be interested that wWe will have not one, but two sessions at this virtual plenary, to accommodate different time zones. If you are interested in sharing your updates, discussing open issues and learning what is currently happening in the area of identification and citation of dynamic data, join us in any of the two slots. Our sessions are scheduled for:
- Wed, April 8, 08:00 - 09:30 UTC: