Recent Activity: RDA Europe Synchronisation Assembly (SyA)

28 Feb 2017

Re: [Rdaeu-bod] Invitation for input from the European RDA WG/IG co-chairs for the SyA meeting on the 28.2 in Brussels

Dear European RDA Chairs and SyA members,
For those who would like to join the RDA Synchronisation Assembly
meeting, which is taking place today, remotely, we arranged a remote
SyA meeting
Tue, Feb 28, 2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CET
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

20 Feb 2017

The access to the RDA Europe Synchronisation Assembly (SyA) wiki page is now open to the world

Dear All,
The access to the RDA Europe Synchronisation Assembly (SyA) wiki page is now open to the world. However, to join the list or contribute through the wiki page you need to login to the RDA Global web site first!
Next SyA meeting agenda

15 Feb 2017

Last call to register for the Synchronisation Assembly meeting on 28.2 in Brussels

Dear Colleagues,
If you plan to attend the SyA meeting on the 28.2 but you have not registered yet, please register ASAP through the link:
Registration closes on Monday 20.2 at noon CET! We can only guarantee refreshments and food for this who have registered!
Synchronisation Assembly meeting on Tuesday 28 February 2017

10 Feb 2017

Suggesting changes for the openness of the SyA wiki page on the RDA Global web site

Dear All,
As you all have discovered the SyA wiki pages have quite a strict protection both for reading the wiki pages as well as joining the SyA wiki in general. This has caused a lot of confusion and stress both from the RDA member side as well as from the administrational side. To enable both a smoother access of the wiki pages as well as joining the list itself we are now proposing a changes to the current settings:
1) The SyA wiki pages (including the mail messages in the list) would be open to the world. Now they are only open to SyA members!

23 Jan 2017

Invitation for input from the European RDA WG/IG co-chairs for the SyA meeting on the 28.2 in Brussels

Dear Colleagues,
The agenda for the next Synchronisation Assembly meeting in Brussels is getting shape.
Time: 09:00 - 16:00 CET
Location: Meeting Room Strasbourg, Science14, Rue de la Science, 14b - Brussels ( )
We need your contribution:

13 Jan 2017

Invitation for your input to the RDA Europe SyA meeting 28 February in Brussels

Dear Colleagues,
I hope you have all returned safe back from the holiday season and that you are eager also to spend some time on upcoming RDA Europe Synchronisation Assembly meeting in Brussels on the 28 February.
You remember that we had already a few bullet points assembled for the event:
- Ways RDA / RDA Europe can contribute to the EOSCpilot governance and ecosystem (i.e. interaction mechanisms)
- Definition of standards to be used by EOSC services (c.f. the "rules of engagement")

22 Dec 2016

Call for Applications for June 2017 chairs meeting

Dear colleagues,
after having returned from the chairs meeting in Gaithersburg it is time to distribute a call for applications to host the coming chairs meeting that will take place in June in Europe. More information is available via the attached document and via the web-page:

15 Dec 2016

Re: [synchronisation-assembly] RDA Ambassadors - reminder

Dear colleagues,
This is a kind reminder to those of you who act as RDA Ambassadors in
their domain to please let me know about it (even if you are not sure,
one objective is to understand what being an RDA Ambassador can be). I
have six names until now, including myself, and some obvious ones are
lacking. One of the communities which responded does not have an
'ambassador' function yet but is interested. You can also show up if you
are in this case.
Best regards

03 Dec 2016

AW: [synchronisation-assembly] RDA Ambassadors

Hallo Jamie,
yes and no - as you know :)
Being "ambassador" means taking some responsibility I guess which is more than the usual stuff all of us do.
my 2 cents
Peter Wittenburg Tel: +49 15141858784 ***@***.***;
Max Planck Computing and Data Facility

02 Dec 2016

RDA Ambassadors

Dear colleagues,
You may be aware that the RDA Future Direction Plan includes an
Ambassador programme. The Council Engagement & Communication
Subcommittee is working on this topic, and I am in touch with its chair
Amy Nurnberger. Following an initial discussion during the last F2F
Synchronisation Assembly, I am trying to identify who in Europe acts as
RDA Ambassador towards her/his community. My initial aim is Ambassadors
towards scientific communities, but you may want to show up also if you

25 Oct 2016

FW: RDA Europe Synchronisation Assembly, 9th November 2016, Brussels.

Dear RDAers,
As you know the current RDA Europe project has a Synchronisation Assembly with the aim of sharing views to maintain the RDA initiative in Europe.
The next SyA meeting is due early next year, but in order to take advantage of the fact that Mark Parsons will be in Europe in November, and to gather views about the next RDA Europe project the proposal for which is due in March, we have brought the meeting forward and will hold it on 9th November in Brussels from 09:00-16:00 (precise location to follow).

13 Oct 2016

5th RDA Science Workshop January 2018 - Call for Interest

Dear RDA Europe colleagues,
The RDA Europe project is involved in co-organising the series of RDA
Europe Science Workshops together with a well-known research
organisation. Now we are calling for proposals for hosting the RDA
Europe Science Workshop 2018.
The call is available online on
as well as in this email, see text below.
Best regards,
Peter Wittenburg and Kathrin Beck

15 Jun 2016

We would be happy to receive your input after the RDA/RAD Europe SyA meeting on 14 June

Dear All,
We would be extremely happy to receive your input through the meeting agenda/web form at:
The form functions apart from the agenda also as a questionnaire, which enables you to give us your feedback.
Please provide your input as soon as possible! My sincere thanks to those who have already done it.
Thank you for your co-operation!
Best wishes,
— leif

14 Jun 2016

Re: [secretariat][synchronisation-assembly] Welcome to the SyA meeting on Tuesday the 14th June 11:00 - 14:00 UTC (13:00 - 16:00 CEST)

Massimo Craglia
European Commission
DG Joint Research Centre
Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit
T.P.262, JRC, Via Fermi,
21027 Ispra (VA), Italy
Tel: +390332786269
Fax: +390332786325
International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research

23 May 2016

Minutes from the Say meeting on the 4th May 2016

Dear All,
Attached please find the minutes from the SyA meeting on the 4th May 2016.
The minutes will also be uploaded to the SyA RDA space at:
We are still working for the open video conference on RDA Europe functions/tasks/services needed for the next phase of the RDA Europe project on 14 June 2016 at 11:00 - 14:00 UTC (13:00 - 16:00 CEST)
Best wishes,
— leif