status: Recognised & Endorsed

Chair (s): brandon whitehead, Caterina Caracciolo, Sophie Aubin

Group Email: [group_email]

Secretariat Liaison: Stefanie Kethers

The group started in Jan 2017 and should close shortly. 

The goal of the Agrisemantics WG is to gather community-based requirements and use cases for an infrastructure that supports appropriate use of semantics for data interoperability, with special focus on agriculture.

The outputs of the WG will be:

  1. A report on semantics landscape for agricultural data,
  2. A set of use cases and requirements,
  3. 39 Hints to Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition: Recommendations from the RDA Agrisemantics Working Group (for community review, please send your comments)

Ongoing activities

  • We are considering pathways for the adoption of the recommendations by the targeted stakeholders (data managers, semantics profesionnals, software developers, and policy makers and funders): paper; conferences, GO FAIR IN, institutional projects, and services etc.
  • We are considering the future of the group in RDA and outside

Some shared resources

  1. A poster on semantics in agriculture - a visual introduction! Feel free to print it out and hang it to your door :) 

Upcoming group-related events:

  1. P14 in Helsinki: Agrisemantics recommendations adoption

Past group events:

  1. P13 in Philadelphia: Agrisemantics Working Group wrap-up and next steps
  2. Agrisemantics @ MTSR 2018: Semantics for Data in Agriculture: A Community-Based Wish List 10.31220/
  3. IGAD pre-meeting in Berlin, March 19-20 (slides 17 to the end)
  4. RDA P11 in Berlin, March 21-23 (slides 1 to 16)
  5. RDA P10 - Agrisemantics: Towards Community-driven Use Cases of Semantics for Data Interoperability in Agriculture
  6. IGAD RDA Pre-meeting in Montreal: breakout session and 10' presentation (Defining the agrisemantics vision)
  7. IGAD RDA Pre-meeting in Barcelona: 10' presentation of WG first results
  8. RDA P9 - Joint Session of IG Agricultural Data, WG Wheat Data Interoperability, WG Rice Data Interoperability, WG Agrisemantics: Results of the IGAD Pre-Meeting RDA P9 adopting RDA outputs
  9. RDA P9 - WG Agrisemantics: Landscaping the support of semantics for data interoperability in agriculture 
  10. panel @MTSR




RDA VP17 Updates: Programme Available

by Eugenia Twomey

Dear members of the Agrisemantics WG,   The programme for RDA Virtual Plenary 17 (VP17) is now available. We look forward to seeing you all virtually for over 100 sessions, including many repeat sessions on 22 and 23 April, in an effort to accommodate a wider range of time zones.  
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Fwd: [Survey on AgroPortal] We love to hear your opinion!

by Clement Jonquet

Dear RDA IGAD and Agrisemantics, We are having a survey related to AgroPortal to get some feedback. Please have a look. Best Regards Clement
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RE: Survey on Caliper - Serving statistical classifications on the web

by Caterina Caracciolo

Dear all, This is a kind reminder of the invite below, to take a survey on Caliper, a platform developed at FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) with the goal of improving the availability and accessibility of statistical classifications. Please note that the deadline for completing the survey has been extended until Sunday November 15. Many thanks for your collaboration, your feedback is greatly appreciated! Caterina - Show quoted text -From: Caracciolo, Caterina (ESS) Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 11:19 AM
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Survey on Caliper - Serving statistical classifications on the web

by Caterina Caracciolo

***** Apologies for cross-posting ***** Dear all, You are warmly invited to take a survey on Caliper, a platform being developed by FAO to serve statistical classifications as open linked data.
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Virtual Plenary 16 Call for Sessions and RDA Adoption Week

by Alexandra Delipalta

Dear Agrisemantics WG members, There are two important announcements from RDA being circulated that we wanted to bring to your attention in the case you missed it this week.
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Fwd: [dipso-num4sci] TR: [Virtual OM-2020] 1st CFP: 15th workshop on Ontology Matching collocated with ISWC

by Sophie Aubin

FYI, in link to some of the Agrisemantics recommendations Regards, Sophie Aubin - INRAE - DipSO -----Message d'origine----- De : ***@***.*** [mailto:***@***.***] De la part de Cassia TROJAHN Envoyé : mercredi 6 mai 2020 10:53 À : Cassia Trojahn <***@***.***> Objet : [Virtual OM-2020] 1st CFP: 15th workshop on Ontology Matching collocated with ISWC ** Apologies for multiple postings **
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Feedback wanted on a FAIRsFAIR report re (semantic) interoperability

by Sophie Aubin

Dear all, I hope my email finds you well. This is just a reminder that feedback is requested by FAIRsFAIR on the following reports which deals much with semantic interoperability. Deadline is in 2 days from now. This report will feed the works on EOSC interoperability layer so it is particularly important that the requirements and recommendations of our community are reflected. Take care, Sophie Feedback Invited: FAIRsFAIR Requirements for Persistence and Interoperability and Preliminary Policy Recommendations
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Please Vote on RDA Council Slate of Candidates

by Yolanda Meleco

In November 2019, the RDA Council Nominations Committee issued a call for nominations for three open Council positions. In response to this call, the following RDA members were nominated for consideration by the RDA community:
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CODATA Data Science Journal Call For Papers: Research Data Alliance Results Special Collection

by Gina Pavone

Dear members,   I’m writing on behalf of the editors of the CODATA data science journal special collection on RDA results. I would like to recall the possibility to submit the outputs produced by this group for the special collection. 
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