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06 Jun 2016

R: [rda-agrisemantics-wg] group call in June

Dear all,
Based on the availability given in the Doodle poll (, coming Wednesday, 8th June, 11-12am CEST, is the day that suits most of you.
This is the proposed agenda for the call:
Report from RDA in Tokyo, and from Open Harvest in Chania (Valeria/Devika, Sophie/Caterina)
Topics of interest coming out from those meetings
RDA working group - formal framework and possible outputs (Devika)

04 Jun 2016

RE: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][rda-wdinterop-wg][rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg] Preparing RDA8

That is a pity, Pierre! Enjoy your time in Vietnam
All the best,
From: Pierre Larmande [mailto:***@***.***]
Sent: 04 June 2016 22:31
To: Subirats, Imma (OPCC)
Cc: Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD); Wheat Data Interoperability WG; Agrisemantics WG; Rice Data Interoperability WG
Subject: Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][rda-wdinterop-wg][rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg] Preparing RDA8
Hi Imma,
I am sorry I couldn’t attend RDA8.

02 Jun 2016

Preparing RDA8

Dear all,

We have started to prepare the IGAD sessions and WG related for RDA8 in Denver (Colorado, USA). It is very important for this planning to know what IGAD members will have a chance to join us in RDA8.

Please let us know during the next days!

We look forward to meeting you there

Imma & Devika

02 Jun 2016

Case Statement for Rice Data Interoperability (RDI) RDA Working Group is ready

Dear all,

I am attaching the proposal for setting up a WG on Rice Data Interoperability. 

The RDI Working Group aims to reinforce synergies between rice research & development organizations to support food security, nutritional value and safety while taking into account societal demands for sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems.

01 Jun 2016

group call in June

Dear all,
You are receiving this message because you are either a member of the RDA Agrisemantics Working Group (currently used only as a space for discussion, as no formal RDA Agrisemantics WG exists), or because you participated in the Data access and interoperability group of IGAD during the last RDA Plenary in Tokyo.

13 May 2016


Dear Members


Since its been a while since the last communication here thought an update is called for.


I woudl like to report that


Dear Members

Since its been a while since the last communication here I thought an update is called for.

I would like to report that:

1. Caterina Caracciolo and Sophie Aubin have taken over as chairs of the RDA Agrisemantics working group.

2. Devika Madalli [I] will co-ordinate communication here in this forum