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04 Sep 2019

RDA website unavailable due to maintenance on 4 and 5 September 2019

Dear RDA members,


The following message is to inform you that RDA website is scheduled for a technical maintenance from today 4 September at 10:00 UTC until tomorrow 5 September at 10:00 UTC.

Messages sent to RDA Group mailing lists will not be delivered during the maintenance period.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


RDA Team

25 Jun 2019

Plenary 14 Session Submission deadline is Thursday!

Dear members of the Brokering Framework Working Group,

With RDA Plenary 14 scheduled to occur from October 23-25, the deadline for session submission is this Thursday, 27 June at 16:00 UTC. Submissions for meeting sessions are open to working groups, interest groups, joint groups and birds of feather (BoF) meetings.


Please note, however, submissions are accepted from group chairs only. If you submit a session request for a group, please notify the other chairs of that group.

10 Jul 2017

Meeting dates and times - Brokering Framework

Hi, All
We have a sizable number of workgroup members now, thanks to those who have
joined in the last week or two!
I would like to arrange for two short meetings - one around end of July and
early August, and another towards the end of August/ early September.
I know that it is holiday season in the Northern hemisphere, but let's
first look at availability of participants.
In the first meeting, we need to discuss a conceptual model and confirm
changes requested at the Barcelona Plenary to the case statement. Input