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31 May 2016

Monday, June 6, call-in update on RDA Digital Practices in History and Ethnography Interest Group

RDA Digital Practices in History and Ethnography Interest Group,


Please join our call to discuss recent and planned RDA activities, and to begin planning for next academic year. The call-in will be next Monday, June 6, noon EST.  Call-in information is below, following an agenda.


26 Jul 2015

RDA P6 Meeting IG Digital Practices in History and Ethnography

Dear Mike,
Thank you for applying to hold a meeting at RDA Plenary 6, your meeting
has been scheduled for *25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 7 - 09:30 -11:00.*
You are invited to update the meeting page with a session description,
objectives & agenda by 14 August at the very latest. Please bear in mind
the "Getting the most from your meeting" courtesy of the RDA Technical
Advisory Board when preparing the meeting:

13 Jun 2015

Next Project Shares: June 16th and June 23rd

Hi All,

Coming up in just a few days, on June 16th at 1pm EST, Dessi Kirilova of the Qualitative Data Repository will describe the intellectual and practical trajectory of the Active Citation idea, demonstrate a published Active Citation project​ and the way a researcher might use the ACEditor to produce this finished product. Call-in details to follow. 

Then on June 23rd, we'll hear from Stefan Schmunk, and others from DARIAH.