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07 Jun 2017

Re: [globalwaterinformation] Vocabularies for water data

Hi all,
We have several ´data structures and vocabs´ within the French water information system both for Features and parameters (chemical, bio, ....).
Mapping those to international ontologies is in the radar
I ˆd too be interested in such telco
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We use a simple ontology / set of vocabularies for data from our analytical chemistry labs:

07 Jun 2017

Vocabularies for water data

Hi Harald,
Sorry for the delay (travel). Nice collection of water-related ontologies. Additional relevant vocabularies/ontologies would be CSDMS names, CF, Hy-Features. You may be also interested in the Cinergi ontology (see it combines several ontologies, and tries to reconcile them for automatic metadata enhancement using a few special annotation properties (cinergiParent, cinergiFacet, cinergiPreferredLabel).

24 May 2017

Water Data Portals v2

Dear all, I have made some updates to the Word document "Water Data Portals" and have uploaded it as a file under the OSF project "Water Data Portals" ( This is a "public" project so you should be able to access it.
Version 2 contains some additional data portals. Note that some of the data portals that Philippe had added to his Google Docs version were already on the list but under a different "name".

22 May 2017

OGC Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment starting this week

Dear all,

An Interoperability Experiment is about to start under the OGC umbrella which might be of interest to that list and also, to a broader scope, to any RDA group linked to the monitoring of the environment.

The kick-off in on May 25th. Raising your interest via will help you join the group (even after 25th)

The Environmental Linked Feature Interoperability Experiment (ELFIE) is targetting the following objectives 

17 May 2017

OGC Hydro Domain Working Group 8th workshop in June 2017

Dear all

The OGC Hydro Domain Working Group (HydroDWG) is having its 8th workshop in Tuscaloosa (National Water Center, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA) early June this year.

We will discuss several topics of high interest to that IG.
The link to the draft agenda and logistics information is here:

08 Sep 2016

RE: [globalwaterinformation] Global Water Information IG session during the 8th RDA...

Dear All,
Just to make sure (since I made this mistake before):
the session is on Thursday 9/15, 14:00-15:30. The meeting is in Denver, hence Mountain time.
- ilya
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07 Aug 2016

Global Water Information IG session during the 8th RDA plenary, International Data Week, Denver, Sept 11-17

Dear Colleagues,
We would like to invite you to participate in the RDA Global Water Information Interest Group session on Thursday 14 September, 14-15:30. It will be a part of the International Data Week (IDW,