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20 Mar 2018

DARIAH-DE Repository BagPack Export

Hi all,

the BagPack export of the DARIAH-DE Repository has been - with lots of
testing from Thomas: Thanks a lot! - finalized, finally:

And if Thomas (or someone else of us :-) is not finding any other bugs,
I will deploy it on the productive system asap. I am using BagitJava
5.1.1, the dh-crud code you can find here:

(what an URL! :-), see createRDAWGRIBagit().

Method name and API call may still change...

I am looking forward to meeting some of you tomorrow.

Al the best.

12 Mar 2018

icat-bagit-tool demo

Dear all,

I just uploaded a demo for the icat-bagit-tool that shows exporting a
package from an ICAT, see [1]. The demo requires docker (and in
particular permission to access the docker demon) but is otherwise
completely self-contained. In particular, you don't need to install
anything. You should be able to clone the git repo, cd into the demo
directory and follow the instructions in the README.rst therein.

Please give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

Best regards,

13 Feb 2018

sample profile

Dear all,

I would like to draw your attention to some suggestions to the sample
profile, see the pull request on GitHub [1]. The reason is that I
would like to follow our own recommendation to reuse existing profiles
rather then to create new ones for the ICAT exporter tool. So, I
would like to use the sample profile right away. But I do have a few
issues with this profile.

Best regards,

31 Jan 2018

Announcement: Next Virtual Meeting

Dear all,

As David already pointed out, it seems to be time for another virtual meeting of our WG. The first issue that should be discussed are the latest findings regarding DataCite. If you like, you can follow the corresponding discussion at [1] and we should find a consensus on how we proceed. In any case, this decision should be made on the condition that the next plenary (where we have to present our final recommendations) is approaching. Due to this fact, it also seems to be a good time to check the current state of the early adoptions and the recommendations document [2].

04 Dec 2017

Meeting minutes and next steps

Dear all,

last Wednesday, the last virtual meeting of our WG for the time being took place. Please find the minutes at [1]. During the next weeks, probably until the end of January, we will work on the early adoption of our recommendations [2] and on completing the recommendations document itself. Currently, we have initial adopters for 4 platforms:

Stefan Funk – DARIAH Repository (import, maybe also export)
Rolf Krahl – ICAT (export)
David Wilcox – Fedora Repository (export, maybe also import)
Thomas Jejkal – KIT Data Manager (import and export)