Recent Activity: Data Security and Trust WG

05 Mar 2017

WGDST: use cases, potential adopters and solutions

In the initial phase, we start with the following set of use cases, potential adopters and solutions which were presented during the BoF session at P6. We will continue to add to this list via the engagement phase of this working group.

  • Access and Use of Confidential Microdata in Social and Economic SciencesMike Priddy (DANS, Netherlands)
  • Big Facility for Small Science:  Vasily Bunakov (STFC, UK)

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18 Jan 2017

Next WGDST call: 30th January 17 14:00-15:00 UTC

Hi Everyone, 

Thanks for filling in the doodle poll.  Our next call will take place on 30th January 17 14:00-15:00 UTC.  I am hoping that everyone can still make this.  I will draft some slides on the current case statement with feedback from the plenaries and include some points for discussion.

Details on how to join this webconf:

06 Jan 2017

draft P9 session proposal - please comment

Happy New Year everyone!

I have drafted some text for the P9 session proposal - it will be submitted on 10th January. We agreed in the last telecon that the p9 session meeting will focus on the gathering examples of current approaches. Please can you add any thoughts/comments to this document so I can revise this before submission.



04 Jan 2017

Doodle Poll: WG Call to revise case statement

Hi all, 

Please can you fill in the doodle poll for us to set a date to discuss revisions to our WG case statement. Ideally we would like to revise and resubmit the case statement before P9.

In the mean time I will draft and circulate our P9 session proposal by email for people to comment on. 



19 May 2016

Next skype call: plenary 8 session proposal

Hi Everyone,

apologies for cross posting you may receive this twice.

Our next group skype call  to discuss the 8th plenary session proposal willl take place on 23rd May 2016 12:00 BST / 13:00 CEST / 11:00 UTC.

If we do not already have your skype details and you wish to participate, please email us your skype details. 



12 May 2016

Doodle poll for skype call next week


Please fill in your availability for the skype call we would like to hold next week.

The call will focus on our plans for a session in the 8th Plenary. Submissions are due 29th May so we have around 1 week to prepare something following our telecon. 

in preparation for the call:

Application form for a WG session:

25 Apr 2016

Next data security and trust WG telecon?

Hi Everyone,
I was hoping we could co-ordinate another skype call to discuss how the
session went at the 7th plenary - whether we need to follow anything up
from that. Also we need to discuss whether we will host a stand alone
session or joint session / BoF for the 8th plenary (deadline 29th May to
submit sessions).
I have made a doodle poll to set the telecon date
Stefan - are you able to co-ordinate the group skype call again as you

24 Feb 2016

Health Data IG updated charter and Tokyo meeting

Dear all,
On behalf of the co-Chairs of the proposed Health Data Interest Group,
please find some updates on the group's work:
First of all, an updated charter

20Group%20Charter%2015.02.2016.docx> has been prepared taking into account
the comments received during the community and the TAB review.
This includes potential links with other groups, i.e. the potential

Data Security and Trust Working Group (WGDST) and the

25 Jan 2016

Case Statement Process

Case Statement Process of the Working Group on Data Security and Trust

Currently we are in the process of writing the case statement. You are encouraged to participate! Please enroll for the working group mailing list in order to get access to the documents.

Our next call will be at: TBA

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23 Oct 2015

Plenary 6: WGDST BoF Session Proposal

RDA Security and Trust BoF - Proposal
Stefan Pröll, Andreas Rauber, Vasily Bunakov, Mike Priddy, Jens Jensen
Draft from 19th June 2015
The RDA aims to promote and facilitate global data sharing across international, institutional
and technological boundaries. The exchange of information is based on a very fundamental
concept: mutual trust.
Trust is difficult to establish and easy to lose. In order to be able to trust each other, research

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