Recent Activity: Research Data Collections WG

28 Nov 2016

Collection WG call tomorrow, Nov 29 - cancelled

Dear all,
as none of the co-chairs will be easily available tomorrow for the
regular videocall, we will cancel the call.
According to our schedule, the next meetings would be Dec 13, which
collides with the RDA chairs meeting in Gaithersburg, and Dec 27, which
might also see quite low attendance. Unless we want to squeeze in an
irregular meeting, I suggest that our next regular call should be
January 10, 14:00 UTC.
Best, Tobias

09 Nov 2016

Minutes from call 2016-11-08 - next meeting Nov 29, 14:00 UTC

*Tuesday, 08 Nov 2016 - Collection WG call*
*Attending: *Alex, Bridget, Frederik, Maggie, Tobias, Tom
*Next call: *Nov 29, 14:00 UTC-0
The properties discussion was heavy and we decided that the many details
should be continued offline via GitHub: Do it via the Wiki, iterating on
Frederik's page, and use issues for individual property details;
alternatively, use Wiki subpages.
Nonetheless, there was also agreement that the next call should continue
with the remaining sections of the Wiki page, depending on attendance.

25 Oct 2016

API Feedback

Thanks for your detailed feedback on the API. I'm responding on list in
case others want to chime in.
* Capabilities/Features:
o All capability entries should be mandatory, so not to leave
Thanks for your detailed feedback on the API. I'm responding on list in
case others want to chime in.
* Capabilities/Features:
o All capability entries should be mandatory, so not to leave
> Agreed

17 Oct 2016

Cleaned up API spec

Hi all,

Per my action item from the last conference call, I've cleaned up the Swagger API spec to add fuller descriptions of requests, responses and parameters.  I also cleaned up the model names, added finer grained response codes and tried to address a concern about the non-RESTful use of verbs for collection operations by putting these at a subpath (which I know is still not perfect, and I welcome other suggestions!)

You can explore the updated API in the Swagger UI at

27 Sep 2016

Meeting Notes: 27 September 2016. Next Webconference: 11 October.

Hi all,

Perhaps we're all still recovering from P8 - it was a small group for today's call, just Tim, Frederik and myself, so we kept it short.

The one topic we discussed, which emerges from activity at P8, was congruency between the work we're doing on collections and the "Digital Object Cloud" proposed approach by Larry Lannom and Peter Wittenburg (as part of the Data Fabric IG work).   See for more on this.

17 Sep 2016

Minutes from P8 Denver session

Dear all,
on Thursday, we held our WG session at the RDA 8th Plenary in Denver.
Despite the late time and the overall drag felt towards the end of an
intensive week, we made very good progress on our current work topics,
had in-depth discusions on possible use cases and also laid out the
future work towards P9. A big thank you to all who attended and
contributed their thoughts!
While we were discussing, Bridget took some very thorough notes, which I
have now compiled into a short report document available from our shared

17 Sep 2016

Data Discovery IG

Hello all,
I was speaking with Andrew Treloar yesterday and he brought to my
attention a new RDA IG, the Data Discovery IG:
As supporting data discovery came up in a number of use cases for the
collections API during our discussion yesterday, we should probably
think about reaching out to this new IG and getting their feedback on
the API as it progresses.

14 Sep 2016

Collection WG meeting at P8, session agenda

Dear all,
tomorrow, we will have our Collection WG session at the RDA P8 in
Denver, during breakout 3, Thu 16:00-17:30.
In preparation of the session, we have updated the working document
which reflects the current state of the groups' conceptual discussions.
Please find it in the following shared folder:
The API specification has also seen a lot of activity; as always, its

25 Aug 2016

PID Workshop next week in Garching

Dear all,
I know that some of you are attending the PID workshop next week in
If anyone of you is already in Garching on Tuesday and feel bored in the
hotel room, let us know ;-)
Dr. Thomas Zastrow
Max Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF)
Gießenbachstr. 2, D-85748 Garching bei München, Germany
Tel +49-89-3299-1457

24 Aug 2016

Minutes from call 2016-08-23 - next meeting at P8!

*Tuesday 23 Aug 2016 - Collection WG call*
*Attending: *Bridget, Frederik, Maggie, Tobias, Tom, Ulrich
*Next call:* Next meeting actually at P8; next call to be decided then.
* Tobias: provide a text for the back page of the 2-pager, also useful
for mailing to use case providers
* Tobias: continue updates on doc, item metadata
* Bridget: A few short API example calls for the 2-pager
* Bridget/Tobias: Contact use case providers
* All: Improve two-pager to get it ready before P8

23 Aug 2016

Re: [rda-collection-wg] [rda-collection-wg] Re: [rda-collection-wg] One pager in...

For now I have tried to condense the text a little bit to make room for a graphic, but there’s still room for improvement. I think we should discuss what said graphic should convey — do we want to express the model(s) for collections, server architecture, the API or how those things relate to one another? I’ll try to come up with at least one sensical suggestion until the meeting.

23 Aug 2016

RE: [rda-collection-wg] Re: [rda-collection-wg] One pager in a nutshell / call...

Hi Tom,
I think it is a very good first try, and I especially like the "What is a collection?" and "What can we do with it?" sections! But I'm lacking a bit more information about what the WG is actually doing. Yes, there are some links at the end, but they could do with a little bit more explanatory text - as an example, "the API" is mentioned in the last link, but nowhere is made any mention about an API being worked on, or what it is supposed to be doing!