Recent Activity: Research Data Collections WG

21 Jul 2017

looking for stakeholders for a Fedora implementation of the RDA Collections API

Dear list members,
We are approaching the close of our 18 month Research Data Alliance
working group effort to develop a general purpose API for working with
research data collections [1]. This work stemmed from a needed
expressed by several communities across disciplines to leverage
aggregations of objects with particular focus on building such
aggregations through PIDs and providing identifiers for aggregation
objects. Up until now there has been no unified, machine-actionable

12 Jul 2017

Notes from yesterday's call; next call on July 25 14:00 UTC

The next conference call will be on July 25. The call on Aug 8 is likely
to be canceled as multiple people are unavailable. August 29 will be our
review call for the recommendation package that should be ready on Aug 28.
Updates on action items from last meeting:
* Ulrich has added Collections Objects and Properties to the DTR. He
provided the PIDs in a separate mail. Due to the provisional nature
of the DTR and the late stage of the project, we probably don't have
time to incorporate this as part of the recommendation, but it

11 Jul 2017

Mapping properties to Data Type in DTR

as discussed, find enclosed the mappings of the collection property
description to Data Types in the DTR.
Mit freundlichem Gruss
Ulrich Schwardmann
Phone:+49-551-201-1542 Email:***@***.*** _____ _____ ___
Gesellschaft fuer wissenschaftliche / __\ \ / / \ / __|
Datenverarbeitung mbH Goettingen (GWDG) | (_--\ \/\/ /| |) | (_--
Am Fassberg 11 D-37077 Goettingen Germany \___| \_/\_/ |___/ \___|

30 May 2017

Cancelled - Web Conference Today. Next Call 13-June 14:00 UTC

Hi all,
it turns out that a number of co-chairs are unavailable today and we decided to skip this week’s meeting. Apologies for the short notice.
We do encourage everyone to take a look at the specifications document ( and think about improvements, and if and where you’d want to contribute to it.
The next meeting is in two weeks on June 13th. Hope to see you all then!
PS: Get well, Thomas!

30 May 2017

Reminder - Web Conference Today 30-May 14:00 UTC

Hi all,
our meeting is ca. 3.5 hours from now. Here are the notes from the last meeting:
I converted the specification document to Markdown and added it on Github:
Hope to see you in a bit,

09 May 2017

Notes from today's webconference. Next Call: 30 May 14:00 UTC

Discussion Notes:
- For we either
need to upgrade to OpenAPI 3.0, or change schema for GET /property to
not define a return value, or leave it as is, returning the member
item. We decided moving to Open API 3.0 is out of scope for now.
Bridget will investigate whether we can leave it undefined. If not we
will leave it as is. We will open separate issues for the future for the

09 May 2017

Comments about the specifications

Dear all,
as I will not be able to attend the meeting today, I'm pasting below my
suggestions for the document with the specifications.
Do you think it would be useful if I contribute with some description of
the implementation/use case at GEOFON?
All the best for the call today!
* Why "Collection state" and subdivide in a 3-tuple? It could be better
to remove this extra level. Does it match the JSON structure? No.
* In JSON it is well organized: “id”, “capabilities” and

25 Apr 2017

Notes from today's call; Next call 9 May 14:00 UTC

11 Apr 2017

After the plenary ....

... is of course before the next plenary ... ;-)
I just came across the OASIS OData specification which seems to be a
nice way of creating standardized, self-describing REST interfaces:
Some of this stuff should be easy adoptable to our collections API, some
would be harder, some makes no sense.
What do you think?
Dr. Thomas Zastrow
Max Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF)
Gießenbachstr. 2, D-85748 Garching bei München, Germany

06 Apr 2017

Re: RDA collection data model

Hello Juha,
thank you for pointing this out - I believe that this would fit into the
collections work in terms of extensions (of e.g. additional collection
properties, or some elements for the controlled vocabs we foresee) by a
user community, specific implementation, use case or similar. So may
want to include a reference to this in the conceptual document we will
put out along with the specification.
Best, Tobias

31 Mar 2017

Two Pager for Plenary

Dear all,
Please find attached the "Two Pager" for the plenary session in
Barcelona: if nobody complains, I will print out that version and bring
it with me next week.
(Some more links to demo implementations? Its still written in plural :-))
Dr. Thomas Zastrow
Max Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF)
Gießenbachstr. 2, D-85748 Garching bei München, Germany
Tel +49-89-3299-1457

28 Mar 2017

Notes from 28-Mar Webconference. Next Meeting: Barcelona!

Action Items:
- All changes to 2 pager due to Thomas by Thursday. ( Frederik has a few
to make to add natural language descriptions to properties on p2 )
- Follow up on slides/presenters for Barcelona:
-- Frederik to follow up with Alex on implementation and use case
-- Tobias to follow up with IGSN provider
-- Bridget to follow up with Javier and Beth
- Frederik and Thomas to add their implementation slides
Bridget to add slides on:
- DTR/property mappings slide
- Usage scenarios slide

22 Mar 2017

Two Pager for Barcelona

Dear all,
Please find attached a first version of the updated "Two Pager" for
Barcelona. If possible, it would be nice to integrate some more links to
our implementations.
Tom (and Maggie)
Dr. Thomas Zastrow
Max Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF)
Gießenbachstr. 2, D-85748 Garching bei München, Germany
Tel +49-89-3299-1457