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06 Jul 2016

Doodle Poll for on-line meeting to plan for joint session at P8

The metadata groups will have a joint session at P8 in Denver on during
Breakout 3, Thursday, September 15 Sept, 16:00 - 17:30
We would like some help to plan this session so I've created a Doodle poll
to see what time would work for the most. We have members in many
different time zones so it may mean 2 meetings. I've enabled time zone
support to make it easier. Here's the link to the poll:

30 Jun 2016

Requirements specification for the Metadata Standards Catalog

Very soon we will begin the actual work of implementing the new Metadata Standards Catalog. Before we do that, we need to make absolutely sure what we want the Catalog to do.
Back in March and April, we asked you to give us user stories describing what how you might use the Catalog. Thank you very much if you contributed, we valued each and every one. We have looked through them all and on that basis we have come up with a requirements specification for the Catalog.

18 Apr 2016

Last chance: what do you want from the Metadata Standards Catalog?

Today is the last day for letting us know how you would want to use the
Metadata Standards Catalog, and what you would expect it to do.
Back in March, we asked you to provide *user stories*: short,
one-sentence descriptions of how someone, in a particular role, might
use the catalog, and why. So far we have received 21 of these user
stories, which is fantastic. They will be invaluable as we work out what
functionality the catalog will support and how we can achieve that, so
thank you very much for those.

18 Apr 2016

Collaboration Projects Testing RDA Outputs

We'd like to bring your attention to the latest Research Data Alliance
Magazine (
to read about the collaboration projects testing RDA outputs. In
particular, check page 9 to read about
the integration of the Metadata Standards Directory with the DMPonline.
Alex Ball
Keith Jeffery
Rebecca Koskela
Executive Director, DataONE
University of New Mexico

18 Jan 2016

Request from the Biosharing Initiative

Dear Colleagues in the Metadata Groups of RDA -
I have a request (attached) from Peter Mcquilton of the Biosharing initiative / Biosharing WG of RDA of which many of you will know from presentations at RDA.
I know Peter and the rest of the Biosharing team would be very grateful to receive as many responses as possible.
With best wishes
Keith G Jeffery Consultants
Prof Keith G Jeffery
E: ***@***.***
T: +44 7768 446088
S: keithgjeffery

10 Nov 2015

Version 2 of MSCWG Case Statement now available

Version 2 of the Metadata Standards Catalog WG Case Statement is now available on the RDA web site (  This version incorporates the feedback from the web site and the RDA TAB review.  Please check it out and post your comments on the new version or post to the group mailing list.  The existing comments on the case statement web page are about version 1 of the case statement.

28 Sep 2015

Funding for metadata support in biomedical software

Discussion in last Thursday's session at the plenary in Paris highlighted the importance of support for metadata in software tools used by biomedical researchers. I mentioned a request for applications in this area recently issued by the NIH BD2K program. The full details are available at the following link.

Posting this to all three IG/WGs that participated in the session.

20 Aug 2015

Use case and requirements gathering for research data repositories by Research Data Alliance IG

[Apologies if you receive this email through multiple channels]
On behalf of the Research Data Alliance's "Repository Platforms for
Research Data" Interest Group, I would like to invite you to submit use
cases for research data repositories.
The charter of this group is to "gather and analyze research data use
cases in the context of repository platform requirements. The primary
deliverable will be a matrix relating use cases with functional
requirements for repository platforms."
More details on the group and its work can be found at