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Final Report released, January 2016

Current Status of Future Direction Actions


To be adaptive to an ever-changing data and research landscape, RDA seeks to be an agile organisation responding to change whle continually planning for an impactful future. As per the RDA Governance Document, Strategic Planning and the development of the RDA Strategic Plan is the responsibility of Council, but it is critical that the broader RDA community engage in the discussion, development, and implementation of RDA's future directions.

This site serves as a communications hub for sharing plans and ideas leading to a clear directions plan that informs clear and concrete community actions for the next few years.

This particular initiative was launched with a meeting convened in San Diego coincident with the Fifth RDA Plenary, on Saturday 7th March for the purposes of Future Directions for RDA consultation. The report from that meeting wil provide the basis for planning and community activites between now and Plenary 6, 23-25 September 2015.

The schedule lays out the status of various community engagement activities in the coming months, but Council welcomes comment on the report at any time. Members are also welcome to join the Planning Group running the process if they are willing to contribute.

Future Directions Planning Schedule
What Who When Status
Workshop Report Posted Sandra, Fran, Walter, Ross March Done
Develop, conduct, and analyze member survey on priorities Larry, Inna, Mark, Timea, Hilary, Kathy, Walter April/May In Progress
Initial survey testing and analysis Francoise, Ingrid, Juan May planned early June
Draft report/slide deck SandraFran, Walter, Ross July Met 6 June
Final survey analysis Inna, Francoise, Ingrid, Juan 30 June See report
Webinars and discussion fora

Asia Pacific: Ross, Mark:

24 August — 12:00 Melbourne Time (02:00 UTC)


EMEA: Sandra, Mark:

3 September — 14:00 Paris Time (12:00 UTC)


Americas: Fran, Mark:

9 September — 13:00 New York Time (17:00 UTC)

August and Early Sept. webinars
Analyse feedback Fran, Ross, Walter Sandra, Hilary, Kathy, Stefanie mid Sept  
Revise slides  SandraFran, Walter, Ross Sept 21  
Present at P6 to test consensus SandraFran, Walter, Ross Sept 21  
Review final draft John, Kay, Beth, Carole, Tony, Satoshi, Michael early Oct.  
Approve and release final document Council January Final Document




RDA Europe Outputs Publishing Strategy

by Fotis Karagiannis

Dear all,  After discussions with Mark and Hilary (RDA Europe 2.0 project coordinator), I would like to submit an excerpt of an RDA Europe deliverable, entitled Outputs Publishing strategy as input to your work. Probably not much new, but may be you can find some bits useful.   Kind regards, Fotis   -- Fotis Karayannis, Dr. Eng. Independent/ATHENA Research Center RDA Secretariat/OAB liaison   Mobile : +306945878784 Skype: fotis71 Twitter: fkarayan    
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Survey analysis report

by Mark Parsons

Hi all, Inna Kouper has prepared a nice Future Directions Survey Report that summarizes results, highlights key points, and categorizes the responses into some clear actions. The Coordinating Team will use this as input in preparing their next report, which will be presented in three webinars in late Augfust and early September (in different time zones) to seek additional feedback.  Meanwhile, thoughts are welcome, as always. cheers,     -m. 
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Survey closed, next steps.

by Mark Parsons

Hi all, The survey is now closed. We received 297 response. That's about 10% of the membership. Not bad. If interested, you can see the raw results. The survey analysis team did a preliminary analysis last week and the coordination team used that in a meeting today to synthesize and plan next steps. I revised the general schedule accordingly and post a few more details below.
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by Mark Parsons

Hi all, Just a quick update. As you know the survey has been out for about a week. So far 151 people have completed it. I will be sending a reminder shortly. The plan now is for the Analysis team, (Ingrid, Juan, and Francoise) to work with Inna and Larry to prepare an assessment for the organizing committee (Fran, Ross, Sandra, Walter)the first week in June. The organizing committee then meets 6 June and will prepare a new report. After that, we will start setting up a webinar schedule. I suspect this is an area where we could start to use some more help.
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Some comments on the Future Directions report

by Mark Parsons

Just an FYI, that a couple people have posted (positive) comments on the report: Unfortunately thr system doesn't send notifications, but I'll try and keep an eye on things. cheers,     -m. 
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