Group Mailing list Archive

23 Apr 2019

Do you want to join as a co-chair of RPRD?

Dear all,
after more than four years as a co-chair of the IG repository platforms for research data I resign from this position. I will continue to be involved in the group but its time for new people and new ideas.
Bob and João are waiting for you. Just send them an email if you are interested in joining as a co-chair.
Dr. rer. nat. Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn
Head of the department "Distributed and Data Intensive Computing"
Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing

11 Feb 2019

Data Usage Metrics Survey for Repositories

Hi all,

Following our RDA Data Usage Metrics WG meeting in Botswana and two virtual calls since, we have put together a survey for repositories on data metrics implementations. If you are a repository provider, could you please fill out this survey?

Please help us spread the survey (through our channels, other WGs, twitter, etc) – the more responses we get the richer data we will have for our Philly meeting and the WG deliverables!

30 Apr 2018

"Gentle Reminder: Help us review and approve the new charter for the RPRD IG"

Dear members of the IG RPRD,
We would like to remind everyone that the RPRD IG charter will undergo some changes to reflect our broadening scope and commitment to bring together repository platform administrators, users and developers. As such, we ask for your input in improving the current proposal for the new charter, which you can see below. Any contributions should be sent before the 11th May, time at which we will publish the new charter at IG’s RDA website.
— New Charter:

24 Nov 2017

RDA P11 - Invitation to a joint session with IGAD- Implementation of the FAIR Principles and challenges in the agricultural domain

Dear chairs,
The Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) would like to bring up for discussion the implementation of the FAIR Principles and challenges in the agricultural domain at the RDA Plenary Meeting in Berlin 2018. We know that this topic is also of interest in other IG and WG and, indeed, there are some fully related, therefore we thought about the possibility to propose a joint session, where we could bring different perspectives and enrich the debate. Do you think this could be of your interest? Would you be available for submitting a joint proposal with IGAD?