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11 Jun 2015

Re: Last chance to get a P6 breakout

Thanks for the reminder, Herman. We will certainly get our request in on time!
David Wilcox
Fedora Product Manager
Skype Name: david.wilcox82
On June 11, 2015 at 10:39:07 AM, Herman Stehouwer (***@***.***) wrote:
Dear David, Stefan & Ralph,
The deadline for RDA Plenary 6 breakout session (23-25 Sept 2015)
application is fast approaching. You have until 20th June 2015 to submit

21 May 2015

Re: [rda-repoplatforms-ig] Repository Platforms for Research Data IG: next virtual meeting tomorrow, May 22

Dear colleagues,

We are now officially approved as an IG by the RDA Council!

Our next virtual meeting is scheduled for tomorrow (see below for access information).  Agenda items include, but need not be limited to:

18 May 2015

CKAN evaluation document review

Dear all,
Hereby I send you my review of the document 'Open data and the academy: an evaluation of CKAN for research data management’.
I uploaded the review and original document into the ‘Document Reviews ’ folder on the RDA website. Let me know if you think it’s suitable.
Thanks and met vriendelijke groet,
Hans van Piggelen
Advisor Data Services / Data Specialist
SURFsara | Science Park 140 | 1098 XG Amsterdam | Tel: (+31)(0)617411603

24 Apr 2015

Repository Platforms for Research Data IG: virtual meetings in May, June, July, Aug. 2015

Dear colleagues,
During today's first virtual meeting of the Repository Platforms for
Research Data (soon-to-be-official) Interest Group, it was agreed to
hold the future virtual meetings on the fourth Friday of each month from
10:00-11:00 Eastern Time (Canada/USA), with the understanding that not
everyone will always be able to participate. With that, here's the
information for the next four meetings:
Fri, May 22, 2015 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

27 Mar 2015

Repository Platforms for Research Data IG: 1st virtual meeting on April 24, 2015

Dear colleagues,
Based on the largest number of available participants (9 of 11 poll
respondents), let us have the virtual meeting on Friday, April 24, 2015, at
10:00 Eastern Daylight Time (US). The URL to join the meeting will be:
and prior to the meeting, you may want to test your computer, tablet or
smartphone for suitability with GoToMeeting, and to install any required web
browser plugins, test your headset/microphone/speakers, etc.

23 Mar 2015

Repository Platforms for Research Data IG: scheduling 1st virtual meeting

Dear colleagues,
If you were there, I hope you had a good trip back home from RDA Plenary 5 in
San Diego! Following our group's in-person meeting on March 9, the time has
come to schedule the next, virtual meeting; to that end, please complete the
Doodle poll at
by the end of Friday, March 27, 2015. Thank you!
On behalf of the IG chairs,
- Stefan
Stefan Kramer

11 Mar 2015

Re: [rda-repoplatforms-wg] Repository Platforms for Research Data

This is a really good point and I would also find it interesting. Even
though there are some comparisons available online, getting feedback
from people who are actually using them and have identified advantages &
issues in each case would be much more substantial.
Looking forward to seeing if there is further interest on this.
Warm regards,