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02 Jul 2019

Re: [rda-fairsharing-wg][rda-data-policy-standardisation-ig] Request: Biomedical Data License review

Sending also to this lists which I think is relevant.
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25 Jun 2019

Request: Biomedical Data License review

Dear RDA community,

On behalf of one of my colleagues at NTNU (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology), I would like to ask for feedback on a draft for a Biomedical Data License which is coordinated by HUNT data center See below for the full request.

I am a new member of RDA, and I do apologize if these groups are not the most suitable. Any suggestions of other groups or communities (also outside RDA) that would be relevant to contact are highly appreciated.

15 May 2019

FAIRsharing WG output is now an RDA recommendation

Dear RDA colleagues,
On behalf of my co-chairs and I, it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that the FAIRsharing joint RDA/Force11 WG output has been fully recommended by the RDA.
The output from this WG is now among the 12 RDA “flagship” Outputs (full list at:, which are the official, endorsed results of the groups, substantiated by community adoption and use.

03 Apr 2019

RDA FAIRsharing WG output and adoption: FAIRer Resources for FAIRer Data

Dear RDA colleagues,
Today, in an open access /Nature Biotechnology/ article, *69 authors*
have come together as a community, representing the core *adopters*,
*advisory board members*, and/or key *collaborators* of FAIRsharing
(, a resource launched in 2011 and matured under
the guidance of the *joint Force11 and RDA WG* and it international
userbase community.
The article presents the mission and work of FAIRsharing, and shows the

10 Oct 2018

[question] Re: [rda-biosharing-wg] IMPORTANT NOTICE: New Group mailing list

Dear Sara and Secretariat,
Many thanks for the changes and the notification. Can you please clarify (also to the WG members) if we/they need to register again to the new one. I guess and hope not, but imo it is not clear.
Also, from tracking and provenance shall we assume the messages sent - during these last two years - to the list will remain visible on the (new) WG webpage?
Kind regards
(Sent from my phone)

27 Sep 2018

Updates: WG rename and pre-print publication

Dear RDA WG member,
two updates:
1. RDA has approved the rename on our WG (from BioSharing to FAIRsharing)
3. The co-chairs are in the process of finalizing and submitting the
FAIRsharing WG recommendations for final community feedback; I will
email the list when this is out.
2. See the pre-print on "FAIRsharing, as a cohesive community approach
to the growth in standards, repositories and policies" at co-authored by stakeholders from

22 Mar 2018

Proposed solution for outputs of this group/possible further work

Dear members of the RDA BioSharing WG,

TAB has been discussing the question of the name of the recommendations from this group, and avenues for further work.

As Susanna indicated yesterday, I agreed to send an email to the group with some proposals for you to consider.

1. Name of the Recommendations

We understand why this has now changed to FAIRSharing, to reflect the expanded scope of the recommendation (undertaken under the FORCE11 banner), and the name of the registry.