status: Completed

Chair (s): Hylke Koers, Adrian Burton

Group Email: [group_email]

Secretariat Liaison: Contact Enquiries email

This Working Group has delivered and has been closed. ICSU/WDS has endorsed the outputs of this group; the RDA is still reviewing the workgroup output since the final presentation and discussion at P8 Denver


A follow on workgroup has been created to implement and expand the outputs further. This workgroup is: The Scholarly Link Exchange Workgroup.


Summary of outputs:

Building on pre-existing components and international initiatives, this WG was focusing on a one-for-all cross-referencing service for the links between data and publications.  The challenge for the working group has been "How to move from a plethora of (mostly) bilateral arrangements to a one-for-all service model infrastructure for the research data publication landscape?" For more details on the working group see our 2-page overview.



 The 1st stage of the demonstrator service is now available.  Feedback welcome!

This 1st stage has been developeded by the OpenAIRE2020 project and it establishes the underlying infrastructure for:

  • harvesting descriptions of data-publication links from partners,
  • normalising and aggregating that information,
  • establishing quality and links across the whole corpus, and
  • providing a preliminary set of view, query, and harvest interfaces


There are now millions of objects in the system from  a variety of journal publishers, data centres, and research infromation services. See the latest statistics here.

You can be part of Scholix by simply providing a file with the publication-data links from your system! Just contact us.

The next stages of the demostrator service is embedded into the follow on working group.

How would you use such a system?  To inform optimisation of the query and access interfaces, further detail is now sought on end-user scenarios. Why not make sure this system is designed for your needs!

In parallel to the systems development the Working Group is also starting to consider a broader framework of standards, quality, and coordination.



The working group outputs has resulted into a number of preliminary work packages:

  1.  Guiding principles for the working group and the proposed service
  2. Use-case scenarios (provided by the RMap project)
  3. Conceptualisation  of the technical prototype
  4. Gathering a test corpus of data-publication links
  5. Investigation of non-DOI linking scenarios





An open, universal literature-data cross-linking service - RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services WG Recommendations

by Hylke Koers

The ICSU-WDS & RDA Publishing Data Services group proposes an approach to sharing information about the links between the literature and research data. A set of hubs will collect literature­data (as well as data­data) links from their natural communities using minor extensions to existing local procedures and, in some cases, inference. The hubs agree on an interoperability framework with a common information model and open exchange methods, optimised for exchanging information among the hubs. The hubs will serve as an enabling global information infrastructure for the development of (third party) services.

The Recommendation is also published at the following DOI:

Relevant to this recommendation is also the release of the Scholix framework by ICSU-WDS and RDA, details can be found here:

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