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28 Sep 2015

Re: AW: [rda-datafabric-ig] Data Fabric Repository Registries session: wiki pages spawned

At this moment the DF wiki contains 8 sub-structures.
I think this is still ok.
Once these things spawn their own real groups we should clean them up
off course.
The part where we have a potential gain is in the use-cases area. Rainer
is doing an effort there.
I have put him in CC.
Dr. ir. Herman Stehouwer
Max Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF)
RDA Secretariat
***@***.*** 0031-619258815
Skype: herman.stehouwer.mpi

28 Sep 2015

AW: [rda-datafabric-ig] Data Fabric Repository Registries session: wiki pages spawned

Thanks Herman.
You are fast and that is good.
But please do not forget that we need to clarify some structural issues, since it is almost impossible for people to quickly find the documents.
So I will need to spend a bit of thinking to see how we can improve the structure.

28 Sep 2015

Data Fabric Repository Registries session: wiki pages spawned

Dear all,
Based on the discussions we had last week in Paris I have set up three
wiki spaces to continue the work.
Note that these are fairly bare at the moment.
They are (in no particular order):
- Repository Registries WG set up area:
With the goal of making building federations of registries

24 Sep 2015

Some RDA Terminology discussion for Data Management and Data Fabric

The attached slides by me (Gary Berg-Cross)  were partially presented at the DF IG to cover some of the issues raised by comments on the Paris Data Management paper discussed at P6 Data Fabric session 1.

We didn't have time to talk about all of this but the slides present some of the criticism and some responses how we might address some of these by developing additional terms, by broadening concepts and terms and by developing clearer conceptual models to show relations betweee terms.

23 Sep 2015

Reagan Moore comments for each section of Paris Data Management paper

The attached are comments for each section of the paper.  The comments reflect the statements we made today on interoperability, virtualization, and interoperability.
I expect that Data Fabrics will disappear as middleware within 10 years, and move into storage controllers and the Internet.

22 Sep 2015

Slides on Position Paper for Data Fabric IG Interoperability, Infrastructures and Virtuality 

The attached are our (Gary Berg-Cross, Keith Jeffery, Reagan Moore) draft slides for a discussion of our position paper being presented at the first DF IG session tormorrow moring per the Agena.

The paper was previously posted to the group in June and briefly discussed.

19 Sep 2015

Repository Registries

Dear all,

there was not so much activity after a video conference in summer, but we discussed/created a few documents. We asked for a session to discuss with the interested people the Repository Registry issue and it is obvious that we now need to come to concrete actions which means for me to define amongst others a working group.

Recent discussions on our summary slides which we are attaching indicate that there is still a request for a debate which is quite natural. During summer we saw a set of very much related type of registries:

14 Sep 2015

DFIG session on testing RDA results etc.

As promised I upload a few discussion documents that were created during the last weeks.

IDDI paper: to provoke a synchronized discussion on testing/evaluating/experience gathering/etc

Role of RDA: a note from a few US colleagues on the same issue

Weaving the DF: a communication within RDA EU to discuss these issues

I attach all these papers so that everyone can make up his/her mind.