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22 Jul 2015

RDA P6 IG Fabric Meetings

Dear Peter, all,
Thank you for applying to hold a meeting at RDA Plenary 6, your meetings
have been scheduled as it follows***
*IG Data Fabric 1: State of Data Fabric Discussion and Next Steps -*23
September 2015- BREAKOUT 2 - 13:30 - 15:00**
*IG Data Fabric 2: State of Data Fabric Discussion and Next Steps *- 23
September 2015- BREAKOUT 3 - 15:30 - 17:00**
*IG Data Fabric: Towards a Harmonized Solution for Repository Registry
System *- 25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 8 - 11:30 - 13:00*

13 Jun 2015

Re: USE CASE Submission TO IG AND WG RDA global data sharing GOOD PRACTICE Heidelberg University- IWR

Dear Hubert,
I am so happy experiencing and navigating through the excellent - edge work you are doing in the
IWR - Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing at the Heidelberg University.
I would propose that you may register as a representative of the IWR- Heidelberg University and submit the USE CASE inside the RDA DATA FABRIC IG.
I have two questions so to learn more about the exciting work I have navigated to...
First of all, how the functionality of DIFFERENCE in the Versioning History is taking place?

11 Jun 2015

Last chance to get a P6 breakout

The deadline for RDA Plenary 6 breakout session (23-25 Sept 2015)
application is fast approaching. You have until 20th June 2015 to submit
your request for a meeting space in Paris -
Working & Interest groups as well as representatives from BoFs will be
invited to share their group updates and interact with RDA members on 23

09 May 2015

Use Cases Uploaded

Dear Data Fabric colleagues,
I finally managed to upload all use cases and additional descriptions which I have received and/or detected in my email chaos. You can find them intwo files in the Wiki:
Please, have a look at them and motivate your colleagues to create additional use cases to get their perhaps specific needs and views into the picture.

10 Apr 2015

RE: [rda-datafabric-ig] A Data Fabric Position Paper to Broaden Discussion (Berg...

Hermann –
Good, we converge. Concerning your last comment I believe metadata with formal syntax and declared semantics (i.e. working with DTR, MDR principles) populating catalogs will enable the problem to be tractable; first by manual methods (search the catalog and compose your own workflow) then later autonomically (user neither knows nor cares how it is done, where the information and services are located as long as the quality requirements are met).
Keith G Jeffery Consultants
Prof Keith G Jeffery

10 Apr 2015

Re: [rda-datafabric-ig] A Data Fabric Position Paper to Broaden Discussion (Berg...

Hi Keith,
Exactly, I do not think that the end-user (or most users) would know
where to get the exact services/data they want unless they are following
a citation of data or come via some catalogue system.*
I would even go as far as to say that the typical scientist doesn't
particularly care which repository is used as long as it is clear that
it is trustworthy.
I am (still) assuming that the DF group is aiming towards a loosely
coupled, flexible, system for lifecycles.

09 Apr 2015

A Data Fabric Position Paper to Broaden Discussion (Berg-Cross, Jeffery, and Moore)

:The Data Fabric Interest Group (DFIG) has gotten off to a rapid start with a draft white paper, acquisition of use cases, and presentations at Plenaries.  Alternate views of the Data Fabric scope and purpose are now starting to emerge.  Three of us (Berg-Cross, Keith Jeffery, and Reagan Moore) thought that some alternate views might be outlined and offered for discussion. The intent of this paper is present some ideas on these views and to promote discussion of them within the community.  So comments are welcome.