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25 Aug 2014

Fwd: Invitation to BoF on Sustainability of eResearch / Cyberinfrastructure

Dear Friends,
Below a message from Stefanie.
Dear Data Fabric IG members,
At RDA Plenary 4, Andrew Treloar and I will be holding a BoF on the
Sustainability of eResearch / Cyberinfrastructure.
We would like to invite you to attend the BoF (for an overview see
a more detailed agenda will follow in a week or two). The session is

20 Aug 2014

Moving Data Fabric out of community review

Dear Data Fabric people,
It is now the end of the community review period.
You have received some comments from Beth (reproduced for convenience
Do you wish to update your charter based on these comments before
submission to TAB and Council?
I am a big fan the notion of data fabric into which services can plug
themselves, and am personally quite excited to see this come about.
Registries have well-known issues with staying current (e.g., failure of