status: Completed

Chair (s): Stefano Nativi, Max Craglia, Jay Pearlman

Group Email: [group_email]

Secretariat Liaison: Contact Enquiries email

Please note that the Brokering Governance WG has now finished its term under RDA and has delivered its outputs


The goal is to address the Governance of the brokering framework middleware and interconnect existing international e-infrastructures.


The Working Group will address the following:


1. Brokering configuration and strategies;

2. Brokering governance and agreements;

3. Publications and transparency;

4. Community adoption and sustainability.


Effective middleware governance has the potential to support longer-term development under a variety of funding models, to simplify and standardize access models, and establish a basis for the continued value of brokered systems. 

To ensure sustainable, stable development and effectiveness in an operational environment of brokering systems reliant on middleware service architectures, an effective model for the governance and reuse of that middleware must be agreed upon.

We propose to consider and recommend a set of best practices for governing and managing brokering middleware. These practices will work to ensure future interoperability, access, and use to brokering middleware independent or in light of various development and funding models to support long-term planning of brokered, integrated systems. These will be of value not only to interoperability architects and to developers (who can plan integrated systems assuming the continued use and support of brokering middleware) but also to system managers and end users. 


Work packages

  1. Business Models
  2. (Brokering) Service Agreements
  3. Use-cases

Use Cases

  • ICSU/WDS (leader: Michael Michael Diepenbroek);
  • Danube Data Infrastructure (Max Craglia);
  • GEO-BON (Wim Hugo);
  • SAION (Bente Lilja Bye).




Re: [brokering-governance][brokering-framework] Brokering Framework WG Virtual Session

by Stefano Nativi

Hello Wim, I would like to join the meeting, it should be at 13:00 CEST, correct? I could join a bit late due to another telecon I must attend ahead. Thank you Stefano P.S. I hope everything is doing well with you ---------------------- Dr. Stefano Nativi Big Data Lead Scientist, European Commission DG Joint Research Centre Unit B6, Via E. Fermi 749, 21027 Ispra VA (Italy) Tel. +39 0332 785075 email ***@***.***
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Brokering Framework WG Virtual Session

by Wim HUGO

Dear Working Group Members We will have a virtual PDA session this coming Wednesday, 8 April at 12h00 UTC. You can use this link to register if you have not done so yet.
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Call for Papers: Research Data Alliance Results Special Collection

by Alexandra Delipalta

View the Data Science Journal special collection
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RDA P6 meeting WG Brokering Governance

by Timea Biro

Dear Stefano, Thank you for applying to hold a meeting at RDA Plenary 6, your meeting has been scheduled for*24 September 2015- BREAKOUT 4 - 11:00 - ***12:30* * You are invited to update the group meeting page with a session description, objectives & agenda by 14 August at the very latest. Please bear in mind the "Getting the most from your meeting" courtesy of the RDA Technical Advisory Board when preparing the meeting*:
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