Recent Activity: Agricultural Data IG (IGAD)

31 Mar 2017

TR: [info-ic] extended deadline for IN-OVIVE 2017 hosted by EFITA 2017 July 2nd-6th, Montpellier, France

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Objet : [info-ic] extended deadline for IN-OVIVE 2017 hosted by EFITA 2017 July 2nd-6th, Montpellier, France
3rd Call for Papers
IN-OVIVE 2017 – the International Workshop on sources and data integration in agriculture, food and environment using ontologies

16 Mar 2017

Registration for OGC Agriculture Summit in Delft

I hope to see many of you at the OGC Agriculture Summit next Tuesday, 21 March at TU Delft.
Registration for the Agriculture Summit next Tuesday in Delft is here:
Limited remote access via Go To Meeting will be available:
1. Please join my meeting, Tue Mar 21st 8:30 AM EDT.

10 Mar 2017

RDA/IGAD Pre-Meeting April 3th to 4th - Last news

Some new information on the RDA Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) Pre-Meeting  that will be held on April 3th to 4th, before the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting at the Faculty of Library and Information Science, University of Barcelona. We are pleased to share the meeting agenda and information on the venue with you.

The agenda is available at:

Please note that lunch and coffee of both days are covered.

24 Feb 2017

Open Geospatial Consortium Agriculture Summit

The Open Geospatial Consortium will be hosting an open Summit on agricultural data and standards at its meeting next month at TU Delft. As one of the session conveners, I would like to invite members of the RDA IGAD to participate either in person or remotely through web conference. The draft meeting agenda and abstract are here and your comments on the contents or structure of the meeting are also welcome.

12 Jan 2017

Invitation to join the Discussion Group "Building synergies in Capacity Development"

Dear all,


this is an invitation for all interested persons to join the discussion group "Building Synergies in Capacity Development" in the next IGAD pre-meeting (3-4 April 2017 in Barcelona). 

The group will discuss about possible synergies between existing education and training activities (especially led by GODAN, RDA, CODATA etc.), about agricultural science needs for open curricula focussed on open data and about best practices and development proposals for training programmes.

14 Nov 2016

Invitation for a Discussion Group on “Metrics and indicators in agricultural science” in IGAD Pre-meeting

Dear All,

Following up on Imma Subirat’s post on October 17th, I would like to invite those who are interested in joining the discussion group on “Metrics and indicators in agricultural science” in IGAD Pre-meeting on 3-4 April 2017 in Barcelona. I will be co-chairing the group discussion together with Hugo Besemer from Wageningen University.

17 Oct 2016

Invitation to participate at the IDAG pre-conference meeting in Barcelona, April 2017

Dear colleagues IGAD and WG related,

On behalf of the RDA [1] Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IDAG) [2],  Global Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), the organizing and local committees,  I am pleased to invite you to our pre-conference meeting that will be held April 3-4, 2017 at the Faculty of Library and Information Science of the University of Barcelona. The event will take place before the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting, April 5-7, 2017..

13 Oct 2016

MOOC "Introduction to a Web of Linked Data"

Dear all,
this message to inform you of this online course on "Introduction to a
Web of Linked Data". I already attended a MOOC taught by the same
persons. They are good!
The MOOC "Introduction to a Web of Linked Data
" *will be
available on 21 November 2016 on the France Université Numérique (FUN)
platform.* It will be taught by Fabien GANDON, Catherine FARON-ZUCKER
and Olivier Corby (Wimmics team, Inria, I3S, CNRS, UNS).
Among its many evolutions, the Web became a way to exchange data between

14 Sep 2016

Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][rda-wdinterop-wg][rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg] RDA 8th Plenary Joint meeting: IGAD Slots

Dear Gary,
Based on the indication of attendance we collected from the Agrisemantics group, you, Imma and Devika from IGAD will be in P8. You can liaise onsite with Imma on the breakout. Devika just informed us that she is unfortunately unable to attend due to problems
at her departure from Bangalore.
I wish you and the group fruitful & enjoyable meetings!

09 Sep 2016

Welcome to IGAD sessions @ RDA P8


The chairs of IGAD look forward to welcoming you to the IGAD sessions at RDA P8 next week.  We present a distinguished panel that will relate  the state of the art in N America.  We are excited also to introduce three new groups on Rice data Interoperability, AgriSemantics and Soil data Interoperability

Please mark your calender for the two sessions below.

11.30-1.00 pm -- IG Agricultural Data: Agricultural Data and Semantics - state of the art in North America

05 Jul 2016

Innovating the Wheat Community through the Research Data Alliance services and outputs

There's a Wheat Community Datathon event coming up that you'd really like to participate in. You will get acquainted with data formats, services, protocols and needs of the Wheat Community, as well as find out about the fascinating innovative ideas regarding Wheat & Agriculture. You can also present your ideas or prototypes for services and win a prize!

04 Jun 2016

RE: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][rda-wdinterop-wg][rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg] Preparing RDA8

That is a pity, Pierre! Enjoy your time in Vietnam
All the best,
From: Pierre Larmande [mailto:***@***.***]
Sent: 04 June 2016 22:31
To: Subirats, Imma (OPCC)
Cc: Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD); Wheat Data Interoperability WG; Agrisemantics WG; Rice Data Interoperability WG
Subject: Re: [rda-agrdatainterop-ig][rda-wdinterop-wg][rda-agrisemantics-wg][rda-rice-wg] Preparing RDA8
Hi Imma,
I am sorry I couldn’t attend RDA8.

02 Jun 2016

Preparing RDA8

Dear all,

We have started to prepare the IGAD sessions and WG related for RDA8 in Denver (Colorado, USA). It is very important for this planning to know what IGAD members will have a chance to join us in RDA8.

Please let us know during the next days!

We look forward to meeting you there

Imma & Devika

02 Jun 2016

Case Statement for Rice Data Interoperability (RDI) RDA Working Group is ready

Dear all,

I am attaching the proposal for setting up a WG on Rice Data Interoperability. 

The RDI Working Group aims to reinforce synergies between rice research & development organizations to support food security, nutritional value and safety while taking into account societal demands for sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems.