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09 Sep 2014

BoF Session "Data re-use, Share your experience"

Dear members of the Agricultural data IG,

When we were in Rome during the GODAN meeting,  most of us expressed the need of having "use cases" or "success stories" about data re-use in agriculture.

That's why I had the idea to propose a BoF "data re-use, share your experience" within the framework of RDA, not only focused on "agriculture" but widely on "Life sciences" (or more ...)

11 Jul 2014

AgriGIS workshop 2014

We are pleased to inform that half day AgriGIS workshop 2014 will be held at OSGIS 2014 on 3rd Sep 2014. The AgriGIS workshop is organised by
Didier G. Leibovici, Suchith Anand, Jeremy Morley, Mike Jackson (Nottingham Geospatial Institute), Tuong Thuy Vu (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus), Sean Mayes, Rumiana Ray, Charlie Hodgman (Plant sciences, University of Nottingham).
Workshop Focus

20 Mar 2014

Geospatial interoperability in Agriculture research

Dear Agriculture data interoperability members,
I thought to share some of the work we are doing at the University of Nottingham with you all so we can explore areas of synergies. The research is focussed on the geospatial interoperability using open standards and interoperability principles developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for our Agriculture research.

07 Mar 2014

Proposal for Agenda of the next AgDataIG

  1.  introduction for Newcomers (Johannes Keizer + Devika Madalli)
  2.  Reports from Areas
  1. Wheat Data Interoperability Group (Esther Dzale)
  2. Global RDF Descriptors for Germplasm (Vassilis Protonotarios)
  1.  Data Policies  (Martin Parr)
  2. The GACS  (Global Agricultural Concept Scheme) Project (johannes Keizer)
  3. “Geospatial interoperability in Agriculture research”