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16 May 2018

GeoDa- An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis

This workbook for GeoDa might be of wider interest.


GeoDa is a free and open source software tool that serves as an introduction to spatial data analysis. It is designed to facilitate new insights from data analysis by exploring and modeling spatial patterns.


I am very grateful to Luc Anselin and all colleagues who made this amazing resources possible and sharing these for the wider community.



Details at


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16 May 2018

Africa Regional Data Cube

The Africa Regional Data Cube was formally launched last week at a high-level event in Nairobi, Kenya, is a new tool that harnesses the latest Earth observation and satellite technology to help Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Tanzania address food security as well as issues relating to agriculture, deforestation, and water access.



27 Apr 2018

The Open Source Geospatial Research and Education Symposium 2018 - “Open Science in Practice”

The Open Source Geospatial Research and Education Symposiums are biannual meetings of the OGRS community dedicated to sharing knowledge, new solutions, methods, practices, ideas and trends in the field of geospatial information through the development and the use of free and open source software in both research and education.

31 Mar 2018

EGU 2018: Scientific freedom -> OSGeo Townhall: Open Science demystified

Dear list,
picking up on the exchange between Dawn and Suchith, I would like to invite everybody attending this years EGU General Assembly in Vienna ( to participate in the discussion at the Townhall meeting TM8 "OSGeo Townhall: Open Science demystified" ( Tue, 10 Apr, 19:00–20:00 / Room 2.31). Details about the Twonhall here:
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30 Mar 2018

Re: [rda-geospatial-ig] Open Letter on the Importance of scientific freedom and the...

I appreciate the sentiment and passion here, but it is just a marketing slogan, I don't think anyone really believes this challenges who 'owns' spatial science.
(I don't personally think it is a very good slogan either, since I would like my GIS to also address 'when' and 'what', and ideally sometime soon also 'how' and 'why'.)
I think the best way to address this kind of challenge is to come up with a better tag line.
OSGeo: 'where science is free' perhaps ;-)
Mark Gahegan

29 Mar 2018

Fw: NASA/ESA training in Croatia on Remote Sensing applications to Land Cover/Land Use Change (including a session on Sentinel data use for forestry and crop mapping)

This NASA/ESA training might be of wider interest .For queries about the course, please refer to Prof. Stych (***@***.***)  Details of RUS at
PS: I am also happy to note that this training is happening in University of Zagreb. I had the pleasure to meet and share ideas with our colleagues there  some years back