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27 Apr 2017

Participants list Barcelona meeting

Dear All,
At the meeting in Barcelona I circled an attendance list.
I believe it did not reach everybody.
This is my transcription
The 3 with an x at the beginning of the line are subscribed members of our
Ms Ilze Lace Swedish National Data service
Sweden ***@***.***
Spain ***@***.***
Mr Daniel Salvat ALBA Synchrotron

26 Apr 2017

Doodle poll for RDA telecons

I think we need to regain some momentum on our various activities. I've
created a Doodle poll to try and schedule telecons in May and
June--perhaps 2 per month if we can find suitable times. For now, I've
suggested Monday and Friday mornings starting May 5. Please fill this
out asap!
(For the new beta version of Doodle, see:

25 Apr 2017

Re: [rda-legalinterop-ig] the fate of the universal library

This encapsulates the issue of CC NC: exclusion of commercial use of data, works that have no to very little commercial value on its own. A book that is no longer published has no value for the rights holder - in a sense it must be frustrating to have something that nobody can even find on the Internet. Having the content of all the "book" accessible is clearly an emergent characteristics of the Internet that should be recognized of high(er) value.
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From: jbminster <***@***.***>

06 Apr 2017

Fwd: First thoughts on BF/RDA-CODATA Legal Group collaboration

Hi everyone! Sorry I am not with you in Barcelona (in fact, I'm still
waiting in the waiting room right now for my mother to get out of
surgery/post op).
As you may recall from a telecon we had last month, the Belmont Forum is
interested in collaborating with us on a "case study" related to their
need to promote improved legal interoperability of interdisciplinary
research and data sponsored by Belmont Forum participants. They have
prepared a Google doc with a draft statement of the issues and proposed

05 Apr 2017

RDA plenary - short coordination meetup tomorow during lunch break

Dear all,
Actually everything is set up for our meeting Friday morning but for a very
last check-up I suggest we meet during lunch break tomorrow.
Those who are available please come to the upper level to the area near room
MR12 at the beginning of the lunch break.
I expect we will not need much time.
Christoph Bruch
Helmholtz Association
Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office
W: +49 (0)331 28 82 87 61

05 Apr 2017

Fwd: CPDP Partner List • Future of Privacy Forum Call for Papers

The announcement below may be of interest.
Save the Date! International CODATA 2017 Conference, “Global Challenges and Data-Driven Science”: 8-13 October 2017, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
The CODATA Prospectus: Strategy and Achievement, 2015-2016 summarises some of CODATA's most important activities over the last year of so.

04 Apr 2017

RDA Social dinner tickets available!!

As some of you may have heard, I am not able to attend the Plenary this
week since my mother was just yesterday scheduled for back surgery on
Thursday. Hopefully it is routine, but at her age (92), one can't be sure.
So, I did buy two social dinner tickets in advance, one for a registrant
and one for a guest, which the RDA is willing to transfer to someone
else if I tell them in advance. If you would like 1 or both (gratis!),
please let me know ASAP...first come, first served!

30 Mar 2017

Side meeting doodle poll and Leiden/Elsevier report event

Sorry for late reminder, but please fill out the doodle poll ASAP to see
if there is a time
suitable for a side meeting in Barcelona:
I just noticed that there is an Open access report release scheduled for
2 pm Friday that might
be of interest (excerpt from e-mail below). I suppose this could
eliminate 1:30 pm Friday as a
possibility for our meeting.
Cheers, Bob
With this email we would like to invite you to join us for the official