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07 Aug 2017

Call for Data licensing case studies – Montreal Plenary – CODATA-RDA Legal Interop IG

Dear Colleagues,
The CODATA-RDA IG on Legal Interoperability of Data will be running a two-part session “Beyond Creative Commons Licenses: what are the legal barriers to data sharing?” at the Montreal Plenary, Day 2, 20 September. (see details at The purpose of this program is to identify and discuss barriers to adopting the IG’s guidelines for distributing data under a CC license or CC 0 waiver.

28 Jul 2017

Legal Interoperability Call

Hi everyone - call is now starting.
CODATA 2017 International Conference, ‘Global Challenges and Data-Driven Research’, Saint-Petersburg, 8-13 October, submit proposals for sessions and papers, deadline 28 July:
What has CODATA delivered recently? See the CODATA Prospectus: Strategy and Achievement, 2015-2016

28 Jul 2017

AW: [rda-legalinterop-ig] RDA Legal Interoperability Calls NOW

Dear All,
Our meeting place with CODATA is blocked by another meeting.
I’ll try again a quarter past.
If it is still blocked then I do consider our meeting postponed.
Christoph Bruch
Helmholtz Association
Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office
W: +49 (0)331 28 82 87 61
M: +49 (0)151 14 09 39 68

18 Jul 2017

RDA Legal Interoperability Calls

Dear All,
We have scheduled two calls for our IG. Please find below calendar invite
to add the same to your local calendar tool.
Friday 28 July at 14:00 UTC or 15:00 BST or 16:00 CEST.
Friday 25 August 14:00 UTC or 15:00 BST or 16:00 CEST.
Please find below gotomeeting details
*CODATA-RDA Legal Interoperability IG Meeting *
*Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or

14 Jul 2017

AW: [rda-legalinterop-ig] RDA 10th Plenary - Application for 2 Breakout sessions

Dear All,
Both date for a call are fine with me.
Concerning the question whether we do need the second session in Montreal.
The Idea of course was to a time slot to talk in “private”.
The need of this of course depends very much on who will actually be in Montreal and were we will be in respect to possibly developing some sort “project”.
I hesitate to cancel the slot now and suggest to at least wait until after der July 28th call.
Christoph Bruch
Helmholtz Association

09 Jul 2017

An Open, Community-based Data Commons: LOI for NIH Data Commons Pilot

Dear Legal Interop colleagues,
The following proposal from the NIH data community appears to have some possible points of intersections with our group's work: is legal interoperability a core element of FAIR data?
My sense is "absolutely yes"! That is another meaning of the "I" the acronym. How to weave that perspective into the FAIR discussions at CODATA/RDA?
- Gail
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