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29 Oct 2019

CODATA Data Science Journal Call For Papers: Research Data Alliance Results Special Collection

Dear members,

I’m writing on behalf of the editors of the CODATA data science journal special collection on RDA results.

I would like to recall the possibility to submit the outputs produced by this group for the special collection. 

09 Oct 2019

P14 Session Chair Update

In preparation for Plenary 14 in Helsinki, please refer to the information presented below pertaining to your breakout sessions.


Remote Participation

  • Remote participation will be available in each meeting room through GoToMeeting, which will be running from the laptop provided by the University. By just opening your presentation on this laptop, remote attendees will be able to view your slides and hear you speak.

19 Jul 2019

Re: [rda-legalinterop-ig] Draft Interest Group Charter to review

No, CODATA has not yet started the call...we are on standby mode right now!
- Gail
Gail P. Clement
Head of Research Services & Librarian for Geological and Planetary Sciences
Caltech Library | (626) 395-1203 | SFL 329 |
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Sent: Friday, July 19, 2019 6:06 AM
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19 Jul 2019

Legal Call

Asha: please can you initiate the call - there are problems at the International Science Council with our connection to the interwebs today…
REGISTRATION OPEN: CODATA 2019 Beijing, 19-20 Sept : Towards next-generation data-driven science: policies, practices and platforms
VizAfrica Botswana, 18-19 Nov: Call for Presentations and Posters - deadline 19 August
CODATA-Helsinki Workshop on FAIR RDM in Institutions, 20-21 Oct (pre-RDA Event: Call for Presentations and Posters - deadline 6 Sept

16 Jul 2019

Draft Interest Group Charter to review

Dear All,
We are in the process of reviewing the draft IG Charter which is online in Google docs at
If you plan on participating in this Friday's online meeting of the IG and wish to also comment on the document, please let me know so i can add your email address to the Google Doc.
Thank you,
Gail P. Clement

08 Jul 2019

Updated invitation: RDA-CODATA Legal Interoperability call @ Every 2 weeks from 3pm to 4pm on Friday from Fri Jul 19 to Fri Oct 11 (CEST) (

This event has been changed.
Title: RDA-CODATA Legal Interoperability call
CODATA Meeting
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone:
Try a test session:
You can also dial in using your phone.
Access Code: 618-724-493
Australia (Toll Free): 1 800 193 385
Australia: +61 2 9087 3604
Austria (Toll Free): 0 800 202148