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RDA Plenary 5 Meeting

by Kalpana Shankar

Dear Members of the Ethics and Social Aspects of Data RDA Interest Group: I will be at RDA Monday through Wednesday.    We are scheduled in Breakout 6, 16:00-17:30 Tuesday March 10, Royal Room Salon III and IV.  RDA has asked people to sign up at the online forum for the breakout (though not absolutely necessary): (just click on Online forum next to Breakout 6). 
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Research Data Alliance: Ethics of Data Sharing

by Kalpana Shankar

<p>Dear Colleagues:</p> <p>I know it has been a long time since RDA 3 in Dublin when we started this Interest Group, but I&#39;m finally at a point where I can make more movement towards getting it started. &nbsp;However, for reasons that baffle me, I can&#39;t find the list of people who signed up for this group in the spring in the RDA group. &nbsp;Could you please let me know so I can collect a list? &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Thank you,</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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