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28 Feb 2019

RDA 13 in Philadelphia - Ideas needed

Dear Colleagues:

Hope you are all doing well and welcome to our newest members.  We have a session approved for RDA 13 on Tuesday, April 2.  I'm attaching the session description

We still need a couple of speakers who are willing to talk about data science ethics (esp data scientists).  If you or a colleague plan to attend and would like to be on the panel, please let me know.  Bonnie Tijerina from Data&Society will be one of the speakers.  Oya Beniz, one of the co-chairs, and I will be meeting on 13 March so please let us know.

14 Aug 2018

Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Settings

Dear All,
I would like to bring the "Global Code of Conduct for Research in
Resource-Poor Settings" into your knowledge:
Jaci van Niekerk (cc ed) is kindly shared their work in the TRUST Project
which facilitated the development of the San Research Ethics Code.
They recently completed the code of conduct for research partnerships
between high-income and lower-income settings, which is endorsed by the

29 Jun 2018

Session Submission: Data Reuse Ethics : How to specify responsibilities?

Dear group members,
Please see the draft submission for the Botswana plenary. Please feel free
to add / comment.
Submission deadline is today until 29 June 2018 (17:00 UTC)
Kind regards

26 Jun 2018

AW: [ethics-social-aspects-ig] Session proposal

Thanks Oya,
our focus will be on the topic below, I will upload session tomorrow June 27th evening (German time). If anyone has ethical-social aspects that would fit in the overall theme of the session, please let me know as soon as possible.
Interest Group "Data for Development"
Proposal for a session
At the RDA Twelfth Plenary Meeting Gaborone, Botswana
Session on Capacity Building for East Africa for Data Management and Participation in International Surveys

26 Jun 2018

Session proposal

Dear all,
the deadline for submitting session proposals is in three days. There are
some suggestion as discussion topic.
Heidi brought up a discussion on code of conduct. Ingvill suggested a
cooperation with IG Data for Development to discuss ethical challenges from
the perspective of researchers from Africa .
Please communicate with me in this week, if you would like to suggest a
topic for discussion.
Kind regards

22 Jun 2018

RDA EDAS- code fo conduct

Forwarding Kate's e mail
Hi all.
Related to Heidi's code of conduct suggestion. In Australia, we have an
Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. A new version has
just been released. It is owned by Universities Australia, which represents
all of the Universities, and the two government funders of research, ARC and
NHMRC. The new Code is a short principles based document and they are
developing 'better practice guides' to go along with the Code, which are