Recent Activity: Data Foundation and Terminology WG

27 Feb 2014

Fwd: Who from the DFT WG will attend the 3rd RDA Plenary?

We just had some discussion on progress and plans at a WG meeting of chairs
and interested parties in Garching, Germany.
We'll have some updates on things a bit later and I will post my slides
from a small update briefing on the vocabulary
But I did wonder now who from the DFT WG plans to attend the 3rd RDA
Plenary and our WG sessions?
Perhaps Herman can get a registration list and match it against the WG
Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.

26 Feb 2014

Fwd: RDA Persistent Identifier Interest Group

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26 Feb 2014

Presentation "RDA Term Collection Tool" now online

Dear all,
My yesterday's presentation about the "RDA Term Collection Tool" is now
online in the RDA file repository:
Dr. Thomas Zastrow
Rechenzentrum Garching (RZG) der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft / MPI für Plasmaphysik
Boltzmannstrasse 2, D-85748 Garching
Tel +49-89-3299-1457

14 Feb 2014

ITU-T X.1255

I've just uploaded to the RDA File Depot a recently approved ITU standard that should be relevant to this group. Its title, "Framework for Discovery of Identity Management Information' does not convey the relevance so I'm adding this note. It lays out the Digital Object Architecture, which is one of the models this group has discussed, as the underpining of the 'Framework' which puts it into a referenceable techncial standard. It also includes a number of definitions which I will add to the mediawiki.


11 Jan 2014

New organization structure proposed for DFT candidate vocabulary

I have uploaded a draft document to filepot (see discussing a framework might be helpful for organizing and understanding the candidate vocabulary list which is being testing out using RDA Term Collection Wiki prototype currently under development.


I've also attached a copy of it here.

09 Jan 2014

Re: [Rda-wg-metadata] A discusison thread, being forwarded... FW: Update on MSDWG activity

Hi, all,
To Gary's point that the collection of terms and the capture of their
conceptual distinctions is of interest to the DFT-WG and is of benefit
to the whole RDA organization, wanted to make you aware of the
term-collection-tool wiki prototype that the DFT-WG has been developing: (it requires a
separate login from the RDA site). You should find it provides the usual

07 Jan 2014

RDA WG [metadata] use of term collection prototype

The RDA-Metadata-WG seems as if it might be able to make use of the term
collection prototype
, but I didn't want
to send it on unless we felt it was ready for that. What are your thoughts?
Amy Nurnberger, Research Data Manager
Center for Digital Research and Scholarship
Columbia University / 212.851.2827
E-mail: ***@***.***
ORCID: 0000-0002-5931-072X

12 Dec 2013

Discussion of the RDA DFT Semantic Media Wiki vocabulary tool prototype

Thanks so much for this tool review and suggestions. Thomas may have some
more detailed responses, but here are my initial thoughts.
I agree with almost every observation and a few were noted earlier or came
up in discussion. One take on the current state is that it is a prototype
and might be forged into something useful by getting just this feedback
from the community. As a prototype it represented a place where people
could not only provide ideas for functional improvements, but also allow a

28 Nov 2013

Re: [rda-dft-wg] A start on some candidate vocabulary and testing a vocabulary...

On 11/28/13 9:58 AM, Yde wrote:
> Dear Gary,
> Thanks for this!
> I see quite some similarities with the Knowledge Organization System
> (KOS ) for biodiversity information, especially
> the Term Forum WiKi .
If you are referring to the system used to offer this
service then this is indeed the same that GBIF explores:
the Semanic Mediawiki including the Semantic Forms
> Did you communicate with the GBIF people on this (especially Eamonn O
> Tuama )?

27 Nov 2013

A start on some candidate vocabulary and testing a vocabulary tool


We are testing out some candidate vocabulary using RDA Term Collection Wiki prototype.
The small attachment to this positng  illustrates this using the Wittenburg model sketch which has a series of related assertions that include key a functional grouping of terminology. The idea is to use these diagrams to evoke the terminology needed to understand them.  The take the key assertion of the diagram to be something  like this:

05 Nov 2013

Some topic outlines for our Nov. 5 virtual meeting

Among the things we plan on talking about are:

Proposal for an RDA Interest Group on Semantic Interoperability

 Candidate applications for the term gathering effort and

Work on Candidate Vocabularies

Below are outlines of these topics that I developed to facilitate briefing and discussion.


1, Interoperability IG Proposal Topics

03 Nov 2013

Documents on initial candidate vocabulary for some data concepts

I have added  a file  that provides some start on a Data Vocabulary for RDA’s DFT WG.
This was sent out as an email and  Stephan Richards provided some comments and questions  which are in now part of the RDA file system for DFT.
In response to Stephan Richards questions on the draft I responded in an explanation document and this is now also on the file system under DFT documents. 
I hope these will be useful for discussion in out upcoming DFT virtual meeting (Nov.5th at 1400 Centrial Europe time.

25 Sep 2013

Notes from the 2nd Plenary DFT Breakout Session

The draft notes from the DFT breakout sessions are now available. These have been posted to the file system to make them generally available as well as attached here (if all goes well).
The notes follow the agenda and outline the briefings and subsequent discussions ending with action items. If there are important topics that you think we missed or that we didn't record accurately you may comment here and we can adjust these as needed.

24 Sep 2013

Candidate applications for the term gathering effort

The order in which apps are listed below is not significant. It is only meant to support easy reference.

The related requirements document can be found at

1. Drupal wiki on RDA site

   (this is what hosts this document)

   + authentication against RDA user base

   + collaborative editing (all can add and edit everything)

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24 Sep 2013

Requirements and use cases for the DFT term gathering application

A collection of features that we need or want in order to support the WG's term gathering effort.

Access policy

A1. No anonymous contributions -> login feature required

A2. Traceable user source -> authentication against RDA user base preferred (required?)

A3. We work fully in the open -> no private areas/pages required

Content policy

C1. Everyone should be able to suggest terms -> everyone needs "add content" privileges

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