Recent Activity: Data Foundation and Terminology WG

29 Apr 2014

New URLs for the DFT Tool Wiki

Dear all,
Thanks to Hilary and her colleagues, our DFT Tool is now accessible via
a subdomain and a redirect from the homepage:
In addition, I the current version and the prototype switched around on
the server, so the direct link to the current version is now:

16 Apr 2014

What's going on with the terminology tool?


Sorry I couldn't make it to Dublin, sounds like it was a good meeting.

At I only see 6 terms, and little evidence of activity. Has the terminology semantic wiki tool been relocated, or is there another web site now in use for term definitions and discussion?

03 Apr 2014

Notes from the RDA Data Foundation and Terminology (DFT) WG session 2 at Plenary 3

Notes from the RDA Data Foundation and Terminology (DFT) WG session 2  at Plenary 3

Co-chairs Gary Berg-Cross, Raphael Ritz, Peter Wittenburg   15 people

Edited Notes by Gary Berg-Cross (SOCoP)

Co-Chair Gary Berg-Cross kicked off the meeting with a signup sheet, and the first 3 categories if 10 part table of Core Terms with some initial Definitions and graphic term relations.

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27 Mar 2014

Some DFT WG briefing materials from P3

As promised at the DFT WG sessions, I have started to add materials from the meetings to the File System.  2 of the 3 Use Cases are there along with a word document that has the core, candidate voc and defs organized by the 10 categories.

Hans can add his Use Case when he has a chance and we will have notes from the meetings in a few days as we consolidate.  I will add a 1 slide summary on the session in a day or so, after it is briefed at the final session.


Thanks everyone for a productive time.

24 Mar 2014

Creating Category in the new wiki

Dear all,
When you are creating a new category in the new wiki installation at, please assign the form "Test" as
default to the new category. I know, the choosen name is not good, I
will change that after Dublin.
(I'm writing this mail just because I noticed that Gary was already
working with the wiki ;-))
Dr. Thomas Zastrow
Rechenzentrum Garching (RZG) der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft / MPI für Plasmaphysik

23 Mar 2014

draft schedule for the topics to discuss at the 2 DFT WG sessions

I posted a draft schedule for the topics to discuss at the 2 DFT WG sessions to be held at P3 next week.

Sessions 1 (1100-1230) & 2 (1330-1500)

You can see a PPT slide on this on the File system and I hve posed the text below.


Session 1 (90m)

18 Mar 2014

RDA Plenary 3 - DFT Breakout Sessions Agenda

Here is a preliminary RDA Plenary 3 - DFT Breakout Sessions Agenda

Co-Chairs Peter Wittenburg Gary Berg-Cross, & Raphael Ritz

The 2 sessions at the 3rd Plenary will largely be devoted to briefing, review and discussion of the candidate vocabulary and the underlying models they are based on.  Two Use Cases from the community will be presented as examples of relevant work along with emerging standards such as ITU-T X.1255.  The WG will focus on reaching consensus on a core set of terms organized around 10 area.

17 Mar 2014

The new updated Term Collection Wiki

Dear all,
you can find RDAs new Term Collection Tool.
Compared to the prototype, available so far at, - which should be considered as
read-only from now on - it supports
- Multiple definitions per term
- Indication of scope (at the moment we support "RDA Term Collection
Core " and "RDA Metadata WG"). Please contact us for further options

03 Mar 2014

The future of RDA Term Colelction Tool

Dear all,
As promised on our workshop in Garching, I evaluated ways to implement
more functionality in our semantic media wiki installation. Our wiki
installation is already in productive use, so I did the tests in a
separate, not public available installation. Due to the fact that the
productive wiki installation contains already a lot of useful content,
it will be not straightforward to integrate the new functionality on top
of it. It will be much easier to start with a blank installation,

27 Feb 2014

Fwd: Who from the DFT WG will attend the 3rd RDA Plenary?

We just had some discussion on progress and plans at a WG meeting of chairs
and interested parties in Garching, Germany.
We'll have some updates on things a bit later and I will post my slides
from a small update briefing on the vocabulary
But I did wonder now who from the DFT WG plans to attend the 3rd RDA
Plenary and our WG sessions?
Perhaps Herman can get a registration list and match it against the WG
Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.