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09 Oct 2019

CODATA Data Science Journal Call For Papers: Research Data Alliance Results Special Collection

Dear members,

I’m writing on behalf of the editorial board of the CODATA Data Science Journal. I would like to recall the possibility to submit the outputs produced by this group for the special collection of CODATA DSJ on RDA Results. Publication fees will be covered by the EC project "RDA Europe 4.0".


20 Aug 2015

Different audiences for RDA and RDC glossaries?

I would like to open a discussion with the RDA folks on the respective aims
of the RDA and RDC glossaries, whether or not they serve the same purposes,
whether or not they are directed at the same audiences, overlap,
divergences, alignment, complementarity, etc.
Please engage in this discussion by contributing to a Gdoc created for this

18 Aug 2015

AW: [rda-dft-wg] Trans-disciplinary Glossary for Research Data Management

Thanks Claire.
I already heard about this enterprise via Herman and I will certainly have a look and compare.
Von: claire.austin=***@***.*** [mailto:***@***.***] Im Auftrag von caustin
Gesendet: Montag, 17. August 2015 21:21

17 Aug 2015

Trans-disciplinary Glossary for Research Data Management

I am very pleased to forward this announcement to you along with an
invitation to participate in this interactive tool. Please feel free in
turn to disseminate the announcement to your contacts.
*From:* Walter Stewart
*Sent:* August 17, 2015 6:49 AM
*Announcing a new transdisciplinary Glossary for research data management*
Research Data Canada (RDC) in partnership with the international Consortia
Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information (CASRAI) is

16 Jul 2015

Update from the DFT IG on new term definitions

In preparation for P6 in Paris we have been updating and adding some terms to our list.  You can see them in our Term Tool (TeD-T).  People are invited to comment on this and add to them or see me canidates of interest.

Here is a partial list of new or editied terms from the last few day:


Partial List or Edited Terms 16 July 2015

11 Jun 2015

Last chance to register a P6 breakout

Dear Peter, Gary, Raphael,
The deadline for RDA Plenary 6 breakout session (23-25 Sept 2015)
application is fast approaching. You have until 20th June 2015 to submit
your request for a meeting space in Paris -
Working & Interest groups as well as representatives from BoFs will be
invited to share their group updates and interact with RDA members on 23

13 Feb 2015

RDA area clustering : TAB seeks feedback over next 2 weeks

Dear DFT and DF colleagues,
We just received this proposal for WG/IG clustering from the Secretariat. It has been worked out by TAB and should now be discussed within the WG/IGs.
Take care: this clustering is not meant to force WGs/IGs to work together etc.
Please read and give comments within the next 2 weeks via the online wiki.
From: herman.stehouwer=***@***.*** [mailto:***@***.***] On Behalf Of HermanStehouwer

15 Dec 2014

TeD-T: New visualization available

Dear all,
In preparation for the RDF/OWL export of the DFT tool TeD-T, I created a
"wordle" which visualizes the quantitative appearances of the words in
the term defintions. Not surprisingly, "data" is the most frequent word.
I uploaded the graphic directly to the start page, you can see it here:
Dr. Thomas Zastrow
Rechenzentrum Garching (RZG) der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft / MPI für Plasmaphysik

16 Oct 2014

TeD-T consolidation: done!

Dear DFT group,
I merged now all terms from the prototype into the current TeD-T wiki
-> The prototype is obsolet from now on and will go offline the next
days! <-
I also updated the graph, available on:
It shows now that indeed the term collection has reached an impressive
size. But nevertheless, there is still a lot of work left to be done.
Some remarks on the entries I copied over:

06 Oct 2014

First year report on RDA Europe analysis programme

This is a draft of the report mentioned as available by Peter during his presentation at the DFT WG session.

It includes program intereviews and detailed analysis results of the data architectures and organizations of the communities studied and a description of possible generalizations towards solutions for integration and interoperability to foster the RDA Europe Forum and RDA discussions.

06 Oct 2014

Gary's Slides from DFT WG P4 meeting in Amsterdam

Attached are the slides I briefed during the 2nd DFT session.  These highlight some scope and depth issues with the vocabulary development. The question asked:


Is there more to define and richer ways to define our vocabulary?  

I present some models that show how to connect some of the vocabulary to Practical Policy which provides some larger data management scope and policy-driven detail to terms.

06 Oct 2014

Wiki consolidation / merge

Dear all,
As I already announced before the Amsterdam plenary, I want to
consolidate our two wiki installations and take the prototype offline.
Therefore, I went through the terms which are already defined in the
prototype, but *not* in the current and active version of the wiki.
Surprisingly, there are still 102 (!) terms defined in the prototype for
which we don't have an entry in the current wiki so far.
The question is now how we should go on. I already offered to merge the