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RDA WGDC P10 Slides, Montreal

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RDA WGDC Webinar slides: Chris Schubert: Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA)

RDA WGDC Adopters Webinar Stefan Pröll CSV Data

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iPRES2016 paper on implementing WGDC recommendations for long-tail research data / CSV Files

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Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy Paper on Implementing the WGDC Recommendations in the VAMDC Infrastructure

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AMIA Joint Summits 2017 Paper on Implementation of WGDC Recommendation for Biomedical Data (WUSTL)

Webinar Slides: Andreas Rauber: Enabeling Precise Identification and Citeability of Dynamic Data: Recommendations of the RDA Working Group on Data Citation (WGDC)

Webinar Slides: Carlo Maria Zwölf: Implementing the RDA Data Citation Recommendations in the Distributed Infrastructure of the Virtual and Atomic Molecular Data Center (VAMDC)

Webinar Slides: James Duncan: Implementation of Dynamic Data Citation at the Vermont Monitoring Cooperative

Webinar Slides Leslie McIntosh: Adoption of the RDA Data Citation of Evolving Data Recommendation to Electronic Health Records

9th Plenary: WGDC Session Slides

8th Plenary - WGDC Session: slides

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7th Plenary Data Citation WG meeting minutes

(photo) WG meeting in Tokyo

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Slides from WGDC Meeting at P7 in Tokyo

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RDA WGDC Recommendations - Extended Description (TCDL Draft)

PDF icon TCDL-RDA-Guidelines_160411.pdf292.72 KB

Recommendations of the Working Group on Data Citation - Revision Oct. 20 2015

PDF icon RDA-DC-Recommendations_151020.pdf182.21 KB

RDA WGDC Recommendations - Vers. Sep 24 2015

RDA WGDC - slide set VAMDC Pilot presented at WG Mtg Plenary 6,

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RDA WGDC - slide set WG Mtg Plenary 6, Paris

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RDA WGDC: Revised Version of Recommendations on Making Data Citeable published

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RDA WG DC Summary Presentation

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Notes from WG Meeting at Plenary 5, San Diego

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Notes from the Dynamic Data Citation Break Out session at the 4th RDA Plenary in Amsterdam

Slides WG Break-out Meeting at Plenary 4

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Data Citation: Case Statement

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Workshop Report London July 1-2 2014

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