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24 Jan 2019

P13 Session Accepted - PID Interest Group: Beyond Identification - the true value of PIDs

Dear group,
Congratulations! Your session application  - PID Interest Group: Beyond
Identification - the true value of PIDs - has been approved and will
appear in the RDA Plenary 13 Programme.  Please consider this your
official notification of acceptance.
The detailed Plenary 13 programme will be published online by 11
February, 2019, and your scheduled session time will be published in the
programme. The programme will also include the link to your meeting web
page – please keep that page up to date with any changes to your agenda

29 Oct 2018

FREYA Project Blog

Hi everyone,

Most of you probably already know the FREYA project, but I wanted to draw your attention to our project blog. We use the blog to publish posts about the FREYA project, our work, deliverables, conferences and meetings, and any other PID-related things.

Our most recent blog, for instance, gives an impression of the FORCE2018 meeting were FREYA was present:

26 Oct 2018

Identifiers of Digital Objects (IDOs) and Digital Identifiers of Objects (DIOs): a conceptual framework for identifiers

[ I'm cross-posting this message to several groups that may be interested in these results: I hope that by sending only one mail to several mailing list will allow the mailing list server to send just one message to each recipient.
My apologies for the duplicate messages if this is not the case ]
Dear all,

13 Sep 2017

PID IG session in Montreal

Hi everyone -
you might be interested to join the PID IG session in Montreal. We will present and discuss the latest happenings around persistent identifier, i.e. new identifiery types or usage thereof.
You can find the draft agenda here
If you like to chime in to show or discuss your projects and ideas, there is enough time foreseen for such contributions!.