Nikola Vasiljevic

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06 May 2020 1488 reads
RDA EU Ambassador for Engineering and Technology / Wind energy

Nikola is a scientific programmer and lead data steward at the Technical University of Denmark, Department for Wind Energy. His range of responsibilities cover professionalization of research software, data engineering and stewardship and instrumentation development and metrology. Since 2010 he has been working in the domain of optical remote sensing of the wind. Nikola led the development, establishment and application of the long-range WindScanner system, a mobile infrastructure for atmospheric and wind energy research. Since 2017 Nikola has a leading role in applying FAIR principles in the wind energy domain. He is representing DTU Wind Energy in various national and international data forums.



The wind energy research is characterized by a high level of multidisciplinarity and involves an integration of solutions from well-established fields such as metrology, meteorology, material science, mechanical engineering, etc. 

As the RDA ambassador, my prime role will be to act as a bridge between the RDA and wind energy domain enabling a two-way communication. I will strive to contribute to the development of new metadata and data standards (where these are missing) and/or make sure that the existing metadata and data standards from more established research domains (e.g., meteorology or material science) are used in the wind energy domain (i.e., adoption or harmonization with existing standards).









supporting engagement, data solutions development and adoption


Research Data Management in Engineering IG (IG RDMinENG) - co-chair

Supporting setting up a series of webinars under IG RDMinENG


Preservation Tools Techniques and Policies IG (PTTP-IG)

Annotation of Engineering Research Data - RDA 14th Plenary Meeting, Helsinki, 23-25 October 2019


Persistent Identification of Instruments WG

Adoption case for PIDINST WG, working on the technical implementation for minting PID for Instruments using ePIC system




  • RDA DK node event, June 2019 - presentation “What can RDA do for engineering? 10.5281/zenodo.3246264
  • RDA Ambassadors contributions to RDA DK (national node)  FAIR thematic day / National FAIR practice implementation group - RDA PIDs for instruments output considered in the discussion