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RDA-US Announces 2022 Webinar Series
28 Feb 2022

RDA-US Announces 2022 Webinar Series

With so many group activities taking place each month within the organisation, all leading to the development of Outputs or formally recognized RDA Recommendations, the RDA-US office is leading the coordination of a 2022 webinar series which will spotlight various active working and interest groups, opportunities to engage with them, and best practices for implementing and communicating the successes of their activities - within RDA as well as the broader data community.

The tentative schedule for 2022 is as follows:

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08 Feb 2022

Call for Council Nominations 2022

The RDA 2022 Council Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for three open Council positions. To ensure balanced geographical representation, applications are being sought from the regions of “The Americas” and Oceania.

The RDA Council maintains the vision of RDA, ensuring the guiding principles of the organisation are maintained, and responsible for its overall oversight, success, strategy, and sustainability. Council members are expected to be “statespersons” committed to supporting the aims of RDA rather than promoting special interests, regions, domains or disciplines.

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18 Jan 2022

Ari Asmi Appointed Director of the RDA Association AISBL

The Trustees of RDA Association AISBL are delighted to announce that Ari Asmi has been appointed Director of the RDA Association AISBL from 1 February 2022.

A long-standing, active member of RDA, Ari is fully committed to the RDA mission and core values, and brings significant experience and expertise from his pluriennial activities from both a community and infrastructure point-of-view.

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05 Jan 2022

TAB Meets Chairs Remote Event

Dear WG and IG chairs,

The RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is organising a "TAB Meets Chairs" remote event on Thursday 20 January 2022. This will be in the same format as RDA IG and WG Chairs meetings, with 5 topics that we have constructed together. We hope to fuel discussion that will improve the efficiency and productivity of both the groups (Interest Groups, Working Group, and Communities of Practice) and the TAB.

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