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21 Aug 2015

23 Things: Libraries for Research Data - by RDA's Libraries for Research Data Interest Group

An overview of practical, free, online resources and tools that you can begin using today to incorporate research data management into your practice of librarianship. 23 Things: Libraries for Research Data was presented on August 17 at the International Federation of Library Associations' annual conference in Cape Town, South Africa, in a session that was jointly sponsored by the RDA.

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20 May 2015

Research Data Alliance Outputs - Download the booklet!

The Research Data Alliance (RDA)  rises to the challenge of changing global data practices by providing concrete solutions to address some of today’s many, many data challenges. Two years since its launch RDA has already published tangible outputs aiming to achieve seamless interoperability, trust, and ultimately to provide growth & employment opportunities by making data re-use less expensive.

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The Hague Declaration On Knowledge Discovery In The Digital Age
14 May 2015

The Hague Declaration On Knowledge Discovery In The Digital Age

After several months of discussion, consultation, drafting and re-drafting, The Hague Declaration on Knowledge Discovery in the Digital Age was officially launched in Brussels, at a special event held at the offices of Science Europe on 6 May 2015.The Declaration is openly accessible to all and accepting signatures from individuals and organisations who wish to support its principles.

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12 May 2015

Going Digital: Creating Change in the Humanities

The report contains the ALLEA E-Humanities working group's recommendations regarding key requirements to ensure continued growth and excellence in the Digital Humanities for the EU. The 3 Key Recommendations are Take a long-term view, Encourage openness and Support your People.

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04 May 2015

Final report on the European Commission's Science 2.0 public consultation

Science 2.0 is a new approach to science that uses information-sharing and collaboration made possible by network technologies. This consultation sought to gather the opinions of a broad sample of interested parties from across the EU research landscape. It aimed to better understand the potential impact of Science 2.0 and the desirability of policy action.

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