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23 Jun 2017

New European Commission High Level Expert Group European Open Science Cloud 2017-18

On 21 June 2017, the European Commission set-up the new High Level Expert Group European Open Science Cloud. Its mission is to advise the Commission on the measures needed to implement the European Open Science Cloud.

The new group, chaired by Silvana Muscella (Trust-IT Services), is composed of ten high-level experts from different European countries and two third-countries (Australia and US). Together, they have a complementary set of expertise related to various key aspects of the set-up of scientific data clouds, including standardisation, certification, procurement, delivery of federated services, business models, management, governance and funding of national and European research data infrastructures and e-Infrastructures.

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12 Jun 2017

Building the 10th RDA Plenary programme – Submit your applications for breakout sessions and co-located events!

RDA plenaries gather top-class scientists, researchers, practitioners and policy makers all contributing to the vision of a future where research data is openly shared and facilitates progress by enabling better, faster and cross-domain research.

Taking place 19-21 September 2017 in Montrèal, Canada under the theme “Better Data, Better Decisions”, the 10th RDA Plenary welcomes both applications for RDA group breakout sessions as well as co-located events.

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Join the RDA Europe / BlueBRIDGE Datathon On Fisheries And Aquaculture, 15-16 June 2017, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
26 May 2017

Join the RDA Europe / BlueBRIDGE Datathon On Fisheries And Aquaculture, 15-16 June 2017, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

All data enthusiasts: data scientists and practitioners, students, researchers, representatives from both private and public sector, that work to improve the aquaculture, fisheries, marine and environmental management, or develop ICT solutions for environmental and socio economics are invited to join the datathon co-organised by the RDA-Europe and BlueBRIDGE from June 15 to 16, 2017, in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

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03 May 2017

An Interview with Dr. Fran Berman: "The Internet of Things Needs a Code of Ethics"

Dr. Fran Berman, RDA/US Chair, was recently interviewed by Kaveh Waddel for a piece titled "The Internet of Things Needs a Code of Ethics" featured in the The Atlantic.  Her conversation with him discussed topics including ethical design, and how to balance individual privacy with the potential for social good of connected devices that share data with one another.  Read the article at

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02 May 2017

BioSharing Registry: connecting data policies, standards & databases in life sciences WG at the RDA 9th Plenary meeting

The joint RDA/Force11 BioSharing WG enjoyed a busy and productive RDA 9th Plenary. The aim of the WG is to firstly define guidelines to link information on databases, content standards and journal and funder data policies and then secondly, to implement them in the existing BioSharing portal ( The BioSharing WG is now at the end of its 18 month lifespan and as such has produced a set of recommendations.

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