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02 Feb 2024

Wind Energy Community Standards WG

In Community Review
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The goal of the WG is to reduce data management overhead within and between organisations working with wind energy. This will be done by firstly creating a recommendation “Guidelines for improving FAIR data maturity in wind energy in practice”. This will then be used to create a wind energy FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP)1 , which is a methodology developed within the GO FAIR initiative. FIP will give the scientific and research communities the opportunity to express their choices of standards, technologies, tools and procedures by which they fulfil the FAIR principles.

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17 Oct 2023

Harmonised terminologies and schemas for FAIR data in materials science and related domains WG

The focus of the WG is on increasing uptake of the FAIR Principles in materials research (in particular in connection with Interoperability and Reusability), supported by improved resources, in particular widely-agreed and FAIR terminologies, metadata and ontologies. While the main focus of the WG is in the material sciences, close interactions with cognate domains, in particular chemistry, are crucial in order to avoid conflicting approaches and also to utilise and integrate with already existing semantic artefacts and resources in these fields.

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