Moving toward FAIR Semantics

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27 Jun 2019
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Meeting objectives: 

Semantic artifacts and services are playing an increasing role in the implementation of the FAIR principles and in building Scientific Knowledge Graphs. However, these resources often are not themselves FAIR. Often semantic artifacts are hardly discoverable and not interoperable, which clearly hampers their reuse.

In this session, we would like: 

  1. to discuss the emerging idea of making semantic artifacts and services FAIR—i.e., FAIR Semantics—and create an up-to-date resource describing the latest work on FAIR Semantics/Ontologies,
  2. to discuss the progress made with the task groups and
  3. to consider the opportunity to foster collaboration between the different tasks groups into a WG dedicated to provide recommendations for FAIR Semantics. 
Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


  • VSSIG Overview and Update - John Graybeal  - 10 minutes

  • FAIR Semantics: introductory presentation - Yann Le Franc - 20 minutes

  • FAIR Semantics: lightning presentation(s) from participants of the VSSIG (i.e. individuals or task groups) and interested external experts - 25- 35 minutes

  • General discussion - 25-35 minutes

Target Audience: 
  • Metadata experts

  • Information scientists

  • Ontologists and Knowledge Engineer

  • Data service architects

For this plenary, we are targeting participants interested in the latest updates about FAIR ontologies, which includes team members from many of the Task Groups. Prior to the session, we will offer directions for those who wish to contribute an update, so that all the updates can be assembled into a snapshot of state-of-the-art progress in this area. 

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Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The aim of the VSSIG is to provide a platform to discuss and investigate ways to advance and harmonize practices in the design and the publication of semantic artifacts (i.e. controlled vocabularies, thesauri, ontologies,...). The VSSIG is currently composed of 10 task groups focusing on various aspects of ontologies and ontology services (ontology metadata, governance, ontology mappings, semantic service API interoperability,...).

Short Group Status: 

The group has been established 4 years ago. The last session of the group has been organized in March 2018 during the RDA Plenary 11 in Berlin with a high turn out. The group has 182 members, many of them participating via Task Groups organized in Slack channels. At least one Task Group has requested formation of a Working Group. Activity in each Task Group, as reflected by messages on each Slack channel, varies according to the needs and interests of the members of the channel; some channels are very low traffic for long periods. Nonetheless, the group’s membership continues to grow rapidly. 

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
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