Moving Forward with Data Conservation

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03 Dec 2019
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Meeting objectives: 

The Data Conservation IG got its start at P13 as an evolution of the historical Data Rescue IG. The scope of Data Conservation is broad, including analog, digitized, and born-digital data and related information. The stakeholders involved range from data professionals and domain researchers to policymakers and concerned citizens. The participants at P13 agreed that developing an exemplar process for data conservation should be explored. Suggested elements to include in such a process were varied, such as assessment of data value, incorporation of community efforts, repository identification, technological challenges, amongst others.

With such a wide-ranging scope of potential activities, the IG needs to prioritize its efforts and develop a workplan to effectively achieve the goal of improving data conservation efforts throughout the data life cycle. Thus, the primary purposes of this meeting will be to further refine the specific near term objectives of the IG, to determine if specific working groups should be established, and to identify future leadership.

Meeting agenda: 

00-10 min     Brief introduction of the history of IG, including a summary of P13 (10 min)

10-25 min    Survey of room on priorities (15 min)

25-50 min    Breakout groups on priorities (self-selected) (25 min)

50-65 min    Report-out from groups (15 min)

65-80 min    Discussion of next steps, including solicitation for chairs (15 min)

80-90 min    Wrap up (10 min)

Target Audience: 

Data managers, data advocates, repository personnel, researchers, and any others interested in Data Conservation, particularly those who have a vision for the future of the IG.

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

Building on the work of the historical Data Rescue IG, the Data Conservation IG expanded its scope to all types of data (both digital and analog) and will focus on decision-making topics including:

  • How are data sets prioritized for rescue or conservation?

  • How are risk factors defined, assessed, and/or categorized?

  • How is funding prioritized and/or secured?

  • What stakeholders should be involved in what stage of the process?

Short Group Status: 

After P13, the Data Rescue IG was moved to historical status, and work began on establishing this new Data Conservation IG. The Data Conservation IG aligns more directly with the work the community has been doing and is interested in continuing. A draft case statement has been created and needs community input for review prior to submission. 

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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