Metadata for FAIR Data

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27 Jun 2019

Metadata for FAIR Data

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


  • Welcome, Introductions, and Review Objectives of the Meeting

  • Metadata Standards Catalog WG Update on Maintenance

  • Update on Metadata Element Set (

  • Metadata needed for FAIR Data

    • Requirements from FAIR Data Maturity Model WG

    • FAIRSharing Registry  - Susanna-Assunta Sansone and Pete McQuilton

    • ESIP/AGU/RDA Enabling FAIR Data Coordination Group – Lesley Wyborn

  • Discussion on alignment of Element Set and Metadata needed for FAIR Data

  • Next Steps


Meeting objectives: 

Metadata is a critical component of the RDA vision for researchers and innovators to openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society. Metadata is also a core component of FAIR data. Other Interest Groups and Working Groups have asked the Metadata Interest Group to help define what metadata is needed to enable FAIR data.

The objectives of this joint session are:

  1. Present the current status of the Metadata Standards Catalog and activities involved in a maintenance group;
  2. Present the current status of the metadata element set and find leads for elements that do not currently have one
  3. Respond to the requests from other groups on what is meant by “rich” metadata
  4. Coordination among the metadata groups and domain groups
Target Audience: 

Anyone interested in metadata to achieve the objectives of RDA; specifically, people from domain and infrastructure groups wishing to utilize metadata for their purposes. Members of RDA metadata groups other than Metadata IG, Data in Context IG, and the Metadata Standards Catalog WG who are interested in the goals of the various RDA metadata Interest Groups and Working Groups.

Short Group Status: 

The Metadata IG is an active group and the status of the current work can be found on its RDA web page ( The Metadata Standards Catalog WG is in maintenance mode. This entails managing the maintenance activities and supporting the adopters of the original recommendation. After this plenary, the Data in Context IG will either be merged with another IG or be declared completed.

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s): 

The Metadata Interest Group (MIG) serves as an umbrella group for all aspects of metadata for research data. In particular, it coordinates the efforts of the Working Groups concerned with metadata to provide a coherent approach to metadata.  MIG focuses on all aspects of metadata for research data including data discovery, contextualtization, validation, analytical processing, and interoperation.  Previous activities of MIG include Metadata Principles, the Metadata Standards Directory WG, a collection of use cases, and the Metadata Standards Catalog WG. Descriptions of these activities can be found on the MIG web page ( The current topic that the Metadata Interest Group is working on is the definition of the metadata element set intended to become a RDA recommendation. The Metadata Standards Catalog Working Group (MSCWG) is now in maintenance mode and maintains a machine-readable catalog of metadata standards to encourage re-use and increased harmonization among the communities. The Data in Context  Interest Group (DICIG) deals with use cases and harmonizing terminology for contextual metadata to encourage interoperation. 

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
Group chair serving as contact person (responsible for the agreement with the corresponding groups):