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N. Title First Name Surname Organization name Country
7201 Mr Stefan E. Funk Göttingen State and University Library Germany
7202 Dr Stefania Biagioni Institute of Information Science and Technologies "A. Faedo" - Italian National Research Council (CNR-ISTI) Italy
7203 Dr Stefanie Kethers Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) Australia
7204 Dr Stefanie Schumacher Alfred Wegener Institute, PANGAEA Germany
7205 Mr Stefan Jakobsson Swedish National Data Service Sweden
7206 Mr Stefan Kramer American University Library United States
7207 Dr Stefano Cozzini CNR/IOM Italy
7208 Mr Stefano Coretta University of Manchester United Kingdom
7209 Dr Stefan Schmunk Goettingen State and University Library Germany
7210 Dr Stephane Berghmans Elsevier Belgium
7211 Dr Stephanie Suhr EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute United Kingdom
7212 Dr Stefania Lombardi ISTI-CNR Italy
7213 Mr Stefan Stegemann Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung, BLE) Germany
7214 Dr Christian Steigies Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Germany
7215 Mr Stein Tronstad Norwegian Polar Institute Norway
7216 Dr Øystein Godøy Norwegian Meteorological Institute Norway
7217 Mr Stavros Tekes DOTSOFT SA Greece
7218 Ms Stella Thoben Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel Germany
7219 Ms Stephanie Taylor ULCC United Kingdom
7220 Mr Stéphane Goldstein InformAll United Kingdom
7221 Dr Stéphane PESANT PANGAEA, Data Publisher for Earth and Environmental Science Germany
7222 Dr Stephan Hachinger LRZ Germany
7223 Mrs Stephanie Cheviron Université de Strasbourg France
7224 Ms Stephanie Hines Capital Meeting Planning United States
7225 Ms Stéphanie LECOCQ CNRS France
7226 Dr Stephanie Shepheard University of Sheffield United Kingdom
7227 Mrs Stephanie Buyle Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (Brussels) Belgium
7228 Dr Stephanie Cadieux Université de Montréal Canada
7229 Mr Stephen Grace London South Bank University United Kingdom
7230 Mr Stephen Woods The Pennsylvania State University United States
7231 Mr Stephen Grace University of East London United Kingdom
7232 Mr Stephen Holmes British Passports UK United Kingdom
7233 Dr Stephen Monna INGV Italy
7234 Mr Stephen Rigney Maynooth University Ireland {Republic}
7235 Mr Stephen Gray University of Bristol United Kingdom
7236 Mrs Stephanie Wright Mozilla Science Lab United States
7237 Ms Jodi Stern Data to Insight Center of Indiana University United States
7238 Dr Sharon Tettegah University of Nevada Las Vegas United States
7239 Mr Steve Kempler NASA/GSFC United States
7240 Dr Steve Welburn Queen Mary, University of London United Kingdom
7241 Mr Steve Androulakis NeCTAR, ANDS, RDS (Australia) Australia
7242 Dr Steven Browdy OMS Tech, Inc. United States
7243 Mr Steve Cassidy Macquarie University Australia
7244 Dr Steve Koch University of New Mexico United States
7245 Mr Steven Morales Digital Preservation Network (DPN) United States
7246 Dr Steven Prestwich University College Cork Ireland {Republic}
7247 Dr Steve Berukoff NEON, Inc. United States
7248 Dr Steven Micklethwaite Monash University Australia
7249 Mr steven Rosseel Belgian Foundation for Food Sciences Belgium
7250 Mr Yu (Steven) ZHANG Loughborough University United Kingdom
7251 Mr Steve Nathan Parity Computing United States
7252 Mr Steven Chong University of Arizona United States
7253 Dr Steven McEachern Australian Data Archive Australia
7254 Dr Steven Rood Social Weather Stations Philippines
7255 Dr Frankie Stevens AARNet Australia
7256 Dr Steven Ray Carnegie Mellon University United States
7257 Prof Steven Ruggles Univ. of MN United States
7258 Mr Stephen Slota University of California, Irvine United States
7259 Mr Steve Canham ECRIN United Kingdom
7260 Dr Craig Stewart Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute United States
7261 Mr Sthembiso Mkhwanazi Council for Scientific and Industrial Research South Africa
7262 Ms Katrina Stierholz Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis United States
7263 Mrs Stina Johansson Chalmers Sweden
7264 Dr Martina Stockhause WDC Climate Germany
7265 Dr Sean Toczko CDEX/JAMSTEC Japan
7266 Mrs Nicole Todd Data To Insight Center United States
7267 Dr Soichi Tokizane The University of Tokyo Japan
7268 Dr Rainer Stotzka Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
7269 Prof stoyanoj Stoyanovich New York University United States
7270 Mr Stéphane RENAULT CNRS France
7271 Dr Pär Strand Chalmers University of Technology Sweden
7272 Dr Giovanni Simonini Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia Italy
7273 Ms Leticia Cruz Walden University United States
7274 Prof Sharon Traweek UCLA United States
7275 Dr George Strawn National Coordination Office United States
7276 Prof christina streli TU Wien Atominstitut Austria
7277 Mr Stuart Rhea Ag Connections, LLC United States
7278 Ms Susan Trinitz Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Germany
7279 Mr Stephan Strodl SBA Research Austria
7280 Mr Robert Strötgen TU Braunschweig, University Library Germany
7281 Mr Stuart Gagnon National Agricultural Library United States
7282 Mr stuart pyere uty United States
7283 Dr Stuart Campbell Brookhaven National Laboratory United States
7284 Mr Stuart Denoon-Stevens University of the Free State South Africa
7285 Mr Stuart Lewis University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
7286 Ms Emma Stubington STOR-i doctoral training centre, Lancaster University United Kingdom
7287 Dr Stuart Chalk University of North Florida United States
7288 Mr Bishwa Subedi Massey Univeristy New Zealand
7289 Mrs Imma Subirats Coll FAO of the United Nations Italy
7290 Dr Chelakara Subramanian Florida Institute of Technology United States
7291 Dr Juliana Subtil Lacerda Utrecht University Netherlands
7292 Ms Sucharitha Srirangaprasad Indiana University, Bloomington United States
7293 Dr Suchith Anand Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition United Kingdom
7294 Ms Suchitra Manepalli Corporation for National Research Initiatives United States
7295 Mr Sudhir Shrestha Esri United States
7296 Ms Sudhishna b Scientific Federation India
7297 Ms Sue Cook CSIRO Australia
7298 Ms Sue Hickson Griffith University Australia
7299 Dr Sue Fyfe Geoscience Australia Australia
7300 Ms Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen CERN Switzerland