Member spotlight: Richard Fulss

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01 March 2017 902 reads

For this month's member spolight we spoke to Richard Fulss, CIMMYT, Mexico.

  A few words about yourself and how your work relates to RDA

I work for the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) as Head of Knowledge Management. I am responsible for ensuring that CIMMYT maximizes the value it achieves through its knowledge. The KM team I lead provides advice to identify, develop, and implement effective knowledge management practices and systems in the organization including agricultural data management activities. Through collaborative research, partnerships, and training, the center helps to build and strengthen a new generation of national agricultural research and extension services in maize- and wheat-growing nations. As a member of the CGIAR consortium of 15 agricultural research centers, CIMMYT leads the CGIAR Research Programs on Maize and Wheat, which align and add value to the efforts of more than 500 partners.

  Perhaps (roughly) when you joined RDA and why? (Were you interested in specific Working or Interest Groups, or did you see any other benefits?)

I joined the RDA in 2013 when I joined the Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group as a Co-Chair together with Esther Dzalé Yeumo from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) to build a common framework that would enable wheat related data interoperability.

The activities of this Working Group are contributing to the overall improvement in the discovery, reusability, and interoperability of data within the wheat community. The outputs of this group are in use as a building block in the Wheat Initiative Wheat Information System (WheatIS), which is building the framework to establish a global wheat information system. Going forward, standardization and harmonization of wheat data will ultimately reduce variability and increase the relevance of wheat data related tools.

It has been a pleasure to join and become a member of this truly global Alliance of Data sharing experts.