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30 May 2019

Carlo Maria Zwölf (EU - VADMC)

Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC)

Member Spotlight - Carlo Maria Zwölf, Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre Carlo

Carlo Maria Zwölf is part of the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC), a consortium of institutes supported by the European Union (EU) that have agreed to build a common infrastructure for sharing atomic and molecular data. The consortium was launched in 2014, with Zwölf being elected director. Coordinating with the EU to address data citation challenges was one of the Centre’s initial objectives.

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17 Jan 2019

Sarah Jones, Digital Curation Centre

Associate Director at the Digital Curation Centre (DCC)

Sarah is a familiar face at RDA, having attended 7 of the last 12 plenaries. The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) has been involved from the outset and was one of the first organisational members. Its focus is on building capability and skills for digital curation and research data management. As such, the RDA is a key vehicle for connecting with the wider international community and collaborating on shared solutions. DCC outputs such as the disciplinary metadata standards catalogue have acted as inputs to RDA work, and have been enriched and made sustainable via the international collaboration.  

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