Meet the sponsors for IDW2023! Plus: sponsorship & exhibitor opportunities still available

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Meet the sponsors for IDW2023! Plus: sponsorship & exhibitor opportunities still available
25 Sep 2023

Meet the sponsors for IDW2023! Plus: sponsorship & exhibitor opportunities still available

We are delighted to introduce the sponsors for this year's International Data Week 2023 and the RDA's 21st Plenary, taking place from October 23-26th 2023.

If your organisation could benefit from international visibility and engagement with a community of like-minded people invested in shaping the future of data science, take a look at the information about sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities at the IDW. 



Gold Sponsors


COPA-DATA is an independent software manufacturer that specializes in digitalization for the manufacturing industry and energy sector. Its zenon® software platform enables users worldwide to automate, manage, monitor, integrate and optimize machines, equipment, buildings and power grids. COPA-DATA combines decades of experience in automation with the potential of digital transformation. In this way, the company supports its customers to achieve their objectives more easily, faster and more efficiently.

The family-owned business was founded by Thomas Punzenberger in 1987 in Salzburg, Austria. In 2022, with more than 350 employees worldwide, it generated revenue of EUR 69 million.

A sales network of international distributors and 14 subsidiaries ensures that the software is marketed worldwide. More than 350 certified partner companies further support end users with the efficient implementation of the software, particularly in the key industries of food & beverage, energy & infrastructure, automotive and pharmaceutical.


Silver Sponsors


Salzburg AG

Salzburg AG is a green tech company that makes the lives of people in Salzburg easier with its products and services. Due to its unique portfolio, the company can offer digitalized solutions in all areas of life. Sustainable and climate-friendly supply of clean energy, telecommunications, Internet and cable TV are guaranteed to all people of Salzburg. The company is also a full-service provider in the fields of e-mobility and photovoltaics. As a green tech company, Salzburg AG is constantly pushing the expansion of green energy by investing in hydropower, wind power, biomass and photovoltaics plants. One of its goals is for all corporate activities to be 100% climate-neutral and sustainable by 2040. In the financial year of 2022, Salzburg AG recorded sales of EUR 2.56 billion and had around 2,400 employees.


Bronze Sponsors


DataCite is a community-led organization with a vision to connect research and advance knowledge. We are a global community that share a common interest: to ensure that research outputs and resources are openly available and connected so that their reuse can advance knowledge across and between disciplines, now and in the future.

As a community, we make research more effective with metadata that connects research outputs and resources–from samples and images to data and preprints. We enable the creation and management of persistent identifiers (PIDs), integrate services to improve research workflows, and facilitate the discovery and reuse of research outputs and resources.


 Salzburg Research

As an independent research institute, Salzburg Research offers know-how and sustainable solutions for complex challenges in the Internet of Things. We are a think tank for innovative companies from a wide range of industries and the public sector – internationally oriented and committed to the region.

People, products and machines are on the move and increasingly wirelessly connected. This enormous dynamic offers new opportunities for business and society. With Motion Data Intelligence we make the movement of things measurable, link them reliably, develop algorithms for meaningful analyses and thus increase added value and efficiency.

Salzburg Research is your partner in overcoming digital innovation challenges. We create software prototypes, conduct field studies and evaluate technologies to help organizations make informed decisions about their future digital business.


Springer Nature

Springer Nature believes publishing research data is as important as publishing research in journals and books.
As a proactive partner to the research community, Springer Nature is pioneering new approaches to data sharing and open data. We’re committed to supporting researchers who want to take open approaches to their data, helping to make data sharing the new normal.
Learn about our research data products and services.


International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) invests in high-quality research in developing countries, shares knowledge with researchers and policymakers for greater uptake and use, and mobilizes global alliances to build a more sustainable and inclusive world. 

Find out more by visiting the IDRC website.


IV Salzburg

The “Association of Industrialists "was the first supra-regional representation of industrial interests in Austria in 1862. Thirty years later, most of the almost 600 regional, local and sectoral industrial organizations came together to form the "Central Association of Austrian Industrialists", a federation of associations. This was followed in 1897 by the " Association of Austrian Industrialists", an association of individual companies.

These predecessor organizations of today's industrial association were based on voluntary membership - in contrast to compulsory membership in the chambers. On March 19, 1896, the first issue of the official organ of the Central Association, "die industrie", was published.

Click here to visit our website and find out more about the work of IV Salzburg.






Figshare is a repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner.

Our mission is to change the face of academic publishing with the improved dissemination and discoverability and reusability of all scholarly research.

The Figshare team now spans 3 continents and specializes in building best of breed software to securely and permanently store, manage and visualize data in a robust and scalable manner.
Learn more about our work at



Based at the University of Edinburgh, EDINA are specialists in developing and delivering digital products including large-scale online services, mobile apps and digital tools for education. Our expertise includes geospatial and satellite data, computational learning, text and data mining, e-preservation and machine learning.

We have over twenty years’ experience and a proven track-record of collaborating on innovative projects and service delivery across the full digital lifecycle; employing an agile, customer centric approach, to design, develop, test and deploy scalable digital solutions.

An organisation rich in data expertise, we work closely with customers in the private, public and education sectors. Visit our website to find out more and to get in touch.


Innovation Salzburg

We are Innovation Salzburg. We accompany you and your company on the path to the future. We provide our expertise to assist you in realizing your projects and ideas because the future is a process that we prioritize. We always consider the future and act today with tomorrow in mind. Let’s talk. Let’s get to know each other. Let’s clarify how we can support you. We are by your side from the beginning of your innovation and investment project and we help you with all your questions along the way.

Find out more about our work here.


IDA Lab Salzburg

The Lab for Intelligent Data Analytics Salzburg (IDA Lab), funded by Land Salzburg (WISS 2025) serves as central facility for basic and applied research, as well as for knowledge and technology transfer in Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and Statistics. It is a cooperation of the Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg (PLUS, Lead), the Paracelsus Medical University (PMU), the Salzburg Research (SRFG) and the University of Applied Sciences (FHS).


Faculty of Digital and Analytical Science, The Paris Lodron University of Salzburg

The Faculty of Digital and Analytics Sciences (DAS) integrates the university’s well-established and future-oriented competences in the digital and analytical sciences with a coherent structure featuring four departments: Artificial Intelligence & Human InterfacesComputer ScienceGeoinformatics, and Mathematics.

We, the DAS faculty and scientists, are prominent in both foundations and applications research, internationally visible, with an extensive global network of academic and non-academic (industry and NGOs) collaboration partners. In addition, we actively reach out to the general public as well as regional and local authorities within several open labs and cooperation hubs ( iDEAS:lab,  MINT:labs,  RIF,  math2school, to name just a few).  

Visit our website to find out more:


International Data Week 2023 [including the RDA 21st Plenary] hybridization sponsors



Chalmers e-Commons at Chalmers University of Technology, University of Goteborg supports researchers, research groups and other research infrastructures at Chalmers in all aspects of research data and computing; from data collection, analysis, and large-scale computing calculations of data, to storage, sharing and publishing data. 

Chalmers e-commons is the gateway to a collection of local, national, and international digital expert functions and resources. Researchers, research groups and research infrastructures at Chalmers can turn to e-commons for support in making large-scale computingalculations/analyzes and managing research data throughout its life cycle; from collecting, storing, and handling of data, to analysis and publication of data. Visit the Chalmers website for more information


RDA Foundation

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation registered as a legal entity in the UK and is the official and legal representative of the RDA community as a whole. The RDA Foundation provides the core business operations of the RDA.

We provide communication tools and services, facilitation and coordination of global efforts, and a ready forum and neutral place for engaged work and discussion and are delighted to be supporting the International Data Week festival 2023, during which our 21st annual plenary will also be held.

Find out more about the programme of fascinating talks and collaborative seminars we will be hosting from 23-26th October here: