Materials Data Joint Meeting

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04 Aug 2020

Materials Data Joint Meeting

Meeting agenda: 


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1. Discussion about IMRR submitted final report and possible transition to a task group, 15 minutes, Chandler Becker and Ray Plante, NIST

2. Presentation & update of Informal Task Group on Materials Semantic Assets, 15 minutes, Zach Trautt, NIST; Leopold Talirz, EPFL; Vasily Bunakov, STFC

3. Panel Discussion with regional representatives on challenges and goals for materials data community, 30 minutes

  • Quan Qian, Computer Science, Shanghai University 

  • Gretchen Greene, Office of Data Informatics, National Institute of Science & Technology

  • Moderator: Zach Trautt, National Institute of Science & Technology

Meeting objectives: 


1. Discuss submitted final report of IMRR WG and possible next steps

2. Present updates on Task Group on Materials Semantic Assets Informal Task Group

3. Hold general discussions with TBD RDA interdisciplinary IG  


Target Audience: 

The Materials Data, Infrastructure, & Interoperability (MDII) was founded in 2013; the The International Materials Resource Registries Working Group was established in 2017 and submitted its Final Report at the end of 2019.  The Materials Ontology Task Group and the Semantics Assets Task Groups were established separately in 2018.  Together these groups are developing a coordinated effort for an interoperable materials data infrastructure.

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s): 

The Materials Data, Infrastructure, & Interoperability (MDII) was founded in 2013 and aims to foster exchange of computational & experimental materials data through shared online repositories, standardized formats/terminologies & open programming interfaces.  The International Materials Resource Registries Working Group focused on developing the metadata standards required to establish a network of IMRRs in key sub-domains and regions.  

The Materials Ontology Task Group is part of the focus of the Materials Data Interest Group and concentrates on upper level ontology use/best practices/issues for materials as demonstrated in existing domain ontologies.​

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Group chair serving as contact person (responsible for the agreement with the corresponding groups): 
Avoid conflict with the following group (1): 
Avoid conflict with the following group (2): 
Are you willing to hold your session at multiple times to accommodate various time zones?: 
Meeting presenters: 
Chandler Becker and Ray Plante, NIST; Zach Trautt, NIST; Leopold Talirz, EPFL; Vasily Bunakov, STFC, TBD RDA interdisciplinary IG representative
How do you prefer to hold the virtual component of your session: 
pre-record but have a live discussion / Q&A