Leveraging Data community strengths and High Performance Computing opportunities

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25 Feb 2022

Leveraging Data community strengths and High Performance Computing opportunities

Submitted by Timea Biro

Meeting objectives: 


Scientific advances designed to address global challenges require researchers to have seamless access to data and computing and increasingly high performance computing.


This BoF is meant to pick up on the discussions initiated during the RDA 18th Plenary Session and aims to further look into ongoing work around combining the strengths of the data management community and the opportunities fostered by HPC. 


Increasing awareness around high-performance computing will help increase the use of such computing resources and advance the development and prototyping HPC based services and tools for the data community to explore and leverage. The session will initiate a discussion on requirements from researchers and domain communities and address the technical and social challenges in terms of wider integration and interoperability of HPC, data and data infrastructures. It will also look at how this connection can be explored and nurtured in the future.


Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative meeting notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mgORNxLyUXHLh6gGoq5BIRWvVSUHu742Gs7K...


> Showcase initiatives / activities supporting the increased access and use of HPC resources in the contexts of research commons e.g. EOSC 


> Showcase the ongoing work around technical integration and interoperability of data, data infrastructures and HPC 


> Discussion around the key challenges: authentication and access to resources, workflows, access to and storing of data pre and post processing and exchanges between environments


> Highlight examples of HPC based services, tools and use cases that the data community can explore







Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 


Leverage the discussions and initial scoping held during the 18th RDA Plenary.  With contributions from projects or infrastuctures like EUDAT, DICE, DeiC and organisation like the San Diego Supercomputing Center and CSC - It Center for Science. The session highlighted a series of use cases as well as ongoing work and activities around the broader engagement of researchers and alignment with key strategic data and research commons initiatives. 



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Timea Biro
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