Learning to Share - The Road to a Hungarian National Data Publishing Policy

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01 October 2020 1593 reads

A joint bid by the University of Debrecen and the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (LIC-HAS) was awarded an RDA Europe 4.0 Adoption grant, with the aim of employing RDA Recommendations in the evaluation of the already existing data repositories in Hungary and establishing a standardised approach to managing research data workflows. 


We hope our work will foster research data archiving among Hungarian researchers and research institutions and establishing new, standard data repositories and publishing processes. The automatic data exchange can help to upload research data’s metadata to the Hungarian Scientific Bibliographic Database (MTMT) and support interoperability among operational and developing repositories. The metadata of research data could be used to create statistics and to support several decision-making processes. We would like to support the collaboration between researchers, librarians, research institutions and funders. Edit Görögh (University of Debrecen)


The RDA outputs adopted: 

Two RDA Recommendations were combined in this project to create on the one hand a data management package for data repositories as basic standard of operations, and on the other hand for researchers, as a guideline for choosing a repository and uploading research data: Repository Audit and Certification DSA–WDS Partnership WG Recommendations and the RDA/WDS Publishing Data Workflows WG Recommendations.

Adopting RDA recommended repository certification and data publishing workflows has benefits both on institutional and national levels: 

  1. They help establish institutional data repositories and standardise the existing ones; 

  2. They support the international certification and help to synchronise the operation and the workflow of Hungarian data repositories;

  3. They encourage researchers to document their collected research data early in the research workflow reducing the burden that researchers associate with the data depositing process;

  4. They support data publication which includes data preparation tasks with the help of institutional repositories (managing access rights, quality assurance etc.) and making data available and reusable through these platforms.


The Adoption story told

The full story can be read and downloaded here. 















During the the RDA Global Adoption week the Edit Görögh (University of Debrecen) and Andras Holl (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) presented the Learning to share: a road to national data publishing policy story. Slides are available here, watch the recordings:




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