June News: Latest Updates on Plenary 12, Open Consultation on EOSC Rules of Participation and FAIR Data Action Plan, First Call for RDA European Nodes and more

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11 Jun 2018

June News: Latest Updates on Plenary 12, Open Consultation on EOSC Rules of Participation and FAIR Data Action Plan, First Call for RDA European Nodes and more

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It has come to the attention that some e-mail communications originating from RDA mailing lists are not being delivered to the intended recipients. These e-mails may be blocked for a variety of reasons related to mailing list management or different e-mail client solutions. To reduce problems we will be sending out suggestions and instructions in the coming days. We also recommend you visit the group pages directly to monitor key conversations, as the trail of e-mail communications will always be posted and accessible to members.

Update from Council

The Council met at the beginning of June (4th & 5th) for an intense two-day meeting in Troy (NY, USA) kindly hosted by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Items on the agenda included Managing RDA growth, Engaging with Regions, RDA governance, boards and eventual evolution, Financial sustainability of the RDA Foundation and RDA Global, The Value of RDA to different stakeholders and the Secretary General Work Plan. Continue reading

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Latest Updates on International Data Week and Plenary 12 in Botswana

The International Data Week (IDW) Organising Committee continues to plan for next November’s week-long meeting.  Speakers are being confirmed, the programme is in development and the finishing touches on the registration platform are in process.  Combining what is sure to be an information-filled event with a spectacular location, IDW is an event that should not be missed. Here are the latest updates:

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Recommendation Focus: Research Data Switchboard Highlighted in Nature

Nature recently published an article describing an open access graph dataset that was created using the Research Graph data model and the Research Data Switchboard (RD-Switchboard), a Recommendation from the RDA DDRI Working Group.  The dataset shows the connections between Dryad, CERN, ANDS and other international data infrastructures to publications and grants across multiple research data infrastructures. View the article.

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Working Group Focus: PID Kernel Information Working Group

The PID Kernel Information Working Group, chaired by Tobias Weigel and Beth Plale, is well underway in providing its official RDA Recommendation.  With acceptance that current global middleware infrastructure exposes shortcomings for data identification, discovery and use, this group realized the need to inject selected metadata into PID records in order to provide scalability and automation across numerous data communities.   To meet this need, the group has developed Guiding Principles for PID Kernel Information, geared towards minimizing human interaction and long-term stability of processes relying on kernel information. It also developed a draft kernel information profile and exemplary high level architecture. Already, these outputs have already garnered attention with numerous early adopters, including:

  1. The RPID project – A pilot test bed for combining multiple RDA recommendations for advanced PID usage
  2. European Network for Earth System Modelling – Streamlining the existing use of Kernel Information for CMIP6 to be aligned with recommendation
  3. DOI Foundation – Evaluating the Kernel Information concept for range of DOI  applications
  4. EUDAT B2HANDLE service: PID profiles for the EOSC
  5. SEADTrain prototype - Test of PID assignment in streaming data collection

Expect to hear more from this group in the coming weeks, as they are anticipating to soon submit their final recommendations to RDA for review and endorsement.  Visit the PID Kernel Information Working Group web page to learn more about the group’s activities.

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Working Group Focus: Data Management Plans (DMP) and the DMP Common Standards Working Group

The Data Management Plan (DMP) Common Standards Working Group is making excellent progress in its vision of developing common information model and specifying access mechanisms that make DMPs machine-actionable, resulting in more interoperable systems that allow for automatic exchange, integration, and validation of information. The group plans on making its deliverables, which will be models, software and documentation, publicly available under CC0 license. At this time, the following is taking place within the group:

If you are interested in joining and/or learning more about this group, please visit their group web page.

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Request for comments: Software Source Code Identification WG Case Statement

The objective of this working group is to bring together a broad panel of stakeholders directly involved in software identification. The planned output will be concrete recommendations for the academic community to ensure that the solutions that will be adopted by the academic players are compatible with each other and especially with the software development practice of tens of millions of developers worldwide. Request for comments is currently open for the WG Case Statement. Comment now

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Open Science seen by two young European Researchers - Interview with RDA Europe Early Careers Elli Papadopoulou and Fotis E. Psomopoulos

The European Commission asked few questions to two Early Career European researchers who benefited from RDA EU programs and are currently co-chairs of the RDA Early Careers Engagement Interest group. Read the full interview

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Have Your Say: Open Consultation on EOSC Rules of Participation and FAIR Data Action Plan

During the 2nd EOSC Summit held in Brussels on 11 June 2018, the open consultation on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Rules of Participation and the FAIR Data Action Plan was launched, reflecting a stakeholder-centric approach to the development of these two important outputs. The RDA community is invited to contribute to the Consultations until 5 August 2018.

Visit the EOSC Stakeholders Open Consultation Platform and the FAIR Data Action Plan consultation.

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RDA Europe National Nodes: First Call for New Nodes Open!

This is the first in a series of three calls for proposals to become a new RDA Europe node. Further calls will be published in early and late 2019. Funding will be assigned via a cascading grants mechanism. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to the first call so that evaluator feedback can be incorporated into subsequent applications. Important dates:

  • Application opens - 23 May 2018
  • Application closes - 27 July 2018, 17:00 CEST
  • Notification of results - 1 October 2018

Visit the RDA Europe Open call page here

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Building Finnish FAIR Data Competencies through RDA - A Blog Post from Riina Salmivalli, RDA in Finland

 Researchers need practical solutions to ensure FAIRness of their research data and services they use in managing research data. Many viable solutions have been created within Research Data Alliance (RDA) to support research data practitioners in becoming more FAIR, yet we see more room for active Finnish participation. Continue reading the blog post.

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Event Focus: The International Digital Curation Conference goes to Australia

The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) has teamed up with the University of Melbourne to take the 14th edition of the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) to Australia. IDCC brings together researchers, librarians, data curators, publishers and other stakeholders to discuss all aspects of managing, sharing and reusing data. It is an opportunity to present how you are curating your collections and share lessons from your work with the global data management community. The conference is aimed at data practitioners from across disciplines and has a focus on collaborations and partnerships this year, so is a good opportunity for RDA to promote the work of its Working Groups and Interest Groups. The conference will take place from 4-7 February 2019 at the Parkville Campus of the University of Melbourne. It is the first time the conference will be held in Australia. Full information on the conference in general as well as submission deadlines, please visit the dedicated page.

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What is an RDA Europe Node and How to get Involved, 23 May 2018 - Recording now available!


Introduction of the Research Data Alliance: How Data Librarians Can Get Involved
Date: 22 June 2018
Time: 18:00 UTC

  • Amy Nurnberger, Program Head for Data Management Services at MIT and involved in many RDA Working and Interest Groups
  • Jon Petters, co-Chair WDS/RDA Assessment of Data Fitness for Use, Data Services, Virginia Tech University Libraries
  • Andi Ogier, co-Chair RDA Libraries for Research Data Interest Group and Director, Data Services, Virginia Tech University Libraries
  • Lynn Yarmey, Director of RDA/US Community Development

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